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My FWA Experiance 2011

Well, I usually am sorta opposed/too lazy to do a post FWA report like everyone else, as it's usually for me, not that great of a con to report on it often. For me, FWA has really sorta been going down hill since my first year. As far as this past year, I really don't know where to put it in the rankings, so I'll start out from the start.

I got to the Atlanta area Monday night, then passed out on :iconrenardfoxx:'s couch, and we hung out for a few days and planned for the con some.

We got to the hotel around 3ish, and had our stuff sent up to the room. I went down to the con area to find :iconaraclast: and few other people, just to see the line was literally from one end of the south tower elevators to the front of the line for registration. Of course, Araclast was at the front of the line with some friends and was waiting there for 4 and a half hours before registration started up. Which would have been fine, had it not broken down within moments of being 'fixed' and such. The con was 'free' that day, but :iconRaicoonie: didn't get to be there till friday, but even when he was there, he told me that the comps where still buggered and he had to go find an ATM to get money out to pay for registration.

The day was dull and slow, so I started to drink, cause been forever since I did, and promptly overdid it. I hung with Araclast till we went back to his room, and I was really drunk, but not so drunk to black out. Ara, being the light weight he was, promptly passed out, which left me alone, drunk, and bored, so started wander. Some stuff happened I regretted with a few hobos outside the con, resulting in me being out of $20 then I returned to my room, purged a bit cause I was starting to feel like crap, prolly from stress and stupidity that night, then went to bed.

I woke up, and my head hurt from not drinking enough water, and a bit hungry. So I grabbed a bag of chips, which where spicy, and they upset my stomach a bit. Red left the room for a bit, and I ate a can of Ravioli we bought to eat at the con so we didn't starve. That can made me incredibly ill, with lots of vomiting, and I ended up very badly for a while, till Red got me a bottle of pepto bismol, which helped a lot. But Rai, being so bored and alone and so shy and anti-social sorta, and he ended up going home early.

I went to the Vore meet once feeling better, but the sight of alcohol made me incredibly ill. I felt stupid about the night, and mostly wandered while I dealt with my illness, and tried to have fun after registering. The day was sorta uneventful otherwise, kinda a blur.

I was feeling better, but still a bit touchy with alcohol, but I stopped by the dealers den an got two books I wanted. As I left the den and dropped my books off in the room, I noticed, I was missing two very important cards: My (as I remember/assume) Insurance Card, and my mothers Shell Gas card, and after that, I freaked. I asked people in the den, they never saw it, asked security, they said check back in 45 minutes, then the suiter parade started. After that was over, went over to registration, asked there like told, still nothing. So I went to a few panels,  tried to tell myself they will be found, everything would work out, and jsut kept up wishful thinking. I checked back several times, still nothing. Went to bed at 6 AM, had to sleep under the table, and didn't get much rest. Red got up at some point, stole his spot, then slept till like 2 PM.

It was a more or less uneventful day, talked to people, tried to not stress, checked security a few times. I waited till 8 PM, and asked security one last time, still nothing. So I told myself, it's prolly somewhere in the room. Went to bed at like 2 AM after some post-con partying outside the dance floor.

We woke up at 10, got everything ready and cleaned and packed, looked, no cards. Finally, went down, talked to security, they never got any cards turned over, and I was stressed all to hell. Then one thing after another, stuff just went bad for everyone as we left.

I had a lot of fun, but also a lot of stress and regrets. Made new friends sorta, talked to old ones and had fun, but the hotel itself wasn't that great, it was badly organized, electronics hardly worked below the 3rd floor, and a lot of people had stuff disappearing/getting lost/stolen I noticed.

To me, the largest disappointment was next years theme too, I was hoping for post-apoc, but even if not, something better than French Prostitutes.
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Added: 8 years ago
7 years, 12 months ago
Yeah gotta be careful at cons. Just because people are furries doesn't mean they'll somehow act better than non-furries. =/ Sorry to hear about your stresses. Hope everything turns out okay there. =/
7 years, 12 months ago
Yeah, everything turned out well enough i guess, some drama, and i find, furs are a bit more trustworthy than non-furs, but I am bias from years of dealing with non-furs. xP
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