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D'oh, this is why you read the worksheets...

So, I missed a bunch of class recently, because life sucks and I keep crashing horrifically every night, but I'm a pretty good worker, so I hopped to it when I had a spare moment at home.

I read the worksheets up to a point, where I understood I was meant to demonstrate the rock-stupid basic proficiency required to create virtual machines of CentOS Linux, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Server 2008, create a domain and join the clients to it on a virtual network.

I figured, why make the damn Linux machine, configuring and installing the OS, if we're not going to join it to the domain? That's clearly the point here, right?
I grab everything I need, and a few things needed to be downloaded, configured and compiled from source, set up Kerberos and Samba, configure and fine tune it all on both the Windows and Linux end, get it working nice and snazzily, authenticating through AD and creating new user's home directories based on a template... then I think of messaging someone from class, asking if we were even meant to do that.

Turns out, nope, I totally wasted at least an hour of my time getting this boondoggle working. The CentOS machine was just, like, to sit there. The lesson, that I missed, was to achieve the oh-so-difficult objective of hooking 3 Windows clients to a Windows domain (gasp!). Honestly, how the heck does that take 5 hours?!

I mean, what's the point? *stamps his paws* Much later in the unit, we're supposed to configure the Linux box for certain services if we feel like it, for no extra marks, but in the meantime, what, it's a decoration? Wharglarglbble!

I also couldn't download a few necessary utilities on the Windows server, because IE is an overzealous, useless little prat of a browser with delusions of grandeur (with no friends), locked down "for security" on Win08. Turns out, the lecturer was meant to just flat-out give us the necessary files, and I didn't want to diddle with IE's "Enhanced Security Configuration" just to go download some stuff (like, say, Firefox), so... hey, guess what came in handy? PowerShell! :D  

In all seriousness, this is good practice. I now understand how to get Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS keyed into a Windows AD domain pretty well, and I could translate that to the Debian; it's all pretty easy. Good knowledge to file away.

What bothers me is that I have a habit of doing this. Things I could finish in an hour or less if I knew exactly what was required of me, I end up rocketing way and above the call of duty, only for my lecturers and teachers to point out that my 3-day labor of love nets me no extra points.

Bastards. >:C
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
Ah, doing a bunch of stuff when you never had to do it... Sometimes, it's fun and good for learning, though.
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