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The Good and The Bad

To be more fair, let's divide my daily news into two sections:

So the Bad, today is the start of Summer Season in my country and let me tell you, the heat is just beyond imagination. I'm all sweating like a roasted pig here typing and I did take a bath earlier on to feel more comfortable. But then it's still FUCKING HOT, I just wanna cool off for once on this heat, even take a break from the computer.

Then, I need to do some funding to buy a new video card and RAM. I think my computer is starting to slow down so bad recently that it needs an 8GB memory and a 4GB video card for my computer. An Nvida GeForce GT 640 would do the trick, but the only one available were both MSI and EVGA. And I can't handle the awful shipping prices at eBay. I need a batter solution.

Now the good news: My birthday is coming soon next month! Lucky! March 31 is my birthday and I'm turing old, 25 years old this year. Yaaay *sarcasm*
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
well let me wish you an early happy b-day.

I'll probably forget later on.
6 years ago
Get nude and put a fan on ya! ^_^ That's the best part about hot weather is needing less clothing. =3

Good luck on your computer upgrades and such. ^^ Though 4GB video card? That sounds pretty high-end. o.o;

And early happy birthday. =3~
6 years ago
I'm 28 years old and feel like I need to die already.  I don't feel as if I need to celebrate another birthday for me, knowing that I'm still unemployed, unnoticed, and can't even get paid for doing what I'm suppose to do.  Nothing is fair for me.  I'm overworked for something I can't make any money.  

But hey, that's my life, not yours.  So have a happy birthday!
6 years ago
Es por eso que odio la temporada caliente, prefiero por mucho mojarme en la lluvia a mojarme en sudor. Bueno para eso existe el aire acondicionado. Te deseo suerte con tu computadora.  
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