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Minor Pet Peeve.

I really dislike blocking by artist, but occasionally artists refuse to use proper keywords or refuse to allow or add a keyword out of some weird misguided principal.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
It just pisses me off when artists don't understand how to use more than two tags... and then they complain nobody looks at their images.

If you want viewers, it's called a fucking "OH HEY THESE THINGS LET THE USERS SEE MY IMAGES SEE MY IMAGES MORE EASILY. Urg.

It boils the piss out of me.
6 years ago
6 years ago
Well, there is always use the keyword suggestion box under the submission.

If it's particularly egregious or deliberately misleading, you can open a ticket.
6 years ago
"Keywords Suggestions Disabled" Usually happens too.

For the record, the keyword is "censored" and I know it's silly, but it really does have a knee-jerk wretching effect on me. It is why I like InkBunny- I can disable keywords I don't like.
6 years ago
Ah, yeah.

Most people who censor their work do it out of some misguided idea of 'any attention is good attention' and 'if I annoy people by deliberately obscuring the subject of a picture, I somehow win'. Unless they're Japanese, in which case, yay for ridiculous obscenity laws!

It bugs me too, I agree.
6 years ago
I always tag my images with everything I see in my images.  I have the keyword adding option disabled though, because random people kept suggesting tags that clearly had nothing to do with my images. For example, People were suggesting M/M and gay for this image of my character. I am not gay though, nor is my character, and generally the M/M tag implies more than one character, usually engaging in adult activity.  If people were suggesting reasonable tags that I missed, I'd gladly add them.  I do try to cover everything in my submissions though, because I want my stuff to be seen.
6 years ago
Say I am searching by a certain keyword, in order to find certain titilating content, and I notice the search results regularly contain a near-spam amount of submissions by an artist who uses that keyword in a general sense, but everything else about their content is something that actually turns me -off-? Yep, I will block that artist. It's nothing personal, really.
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