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Kitty's Follow-up: The Curse

I've mention the whole federal nonsense on facebook and as the day came to a close, I've gotten a few friends and fellow furs replying there and here that they are also dealing with the same problem.  One of them which was a relief was that the loans will always go after your federal every time.  Meaning that they aren't going to go after my paychecks.  That would be the last thing I would need.  A fellow co-worker also mentioned if they were to come after me, they would have done it a long time ago.  With all of those facts in play, I fell a hell of a lot better.

Still, I'm lead to believe that I still have that annoying curse from years past.  Like no matter what I do or how I plan something completely big by myself alone something always find a way to destroy that.  Not with Blaze, not with my roommates, or fellow furs, just me.  Going to FWA with a couple of furs and The Gathering, that we're planning on going (MMFWCL), a special night out...Those are the things that I plan with others and the majority of the time they work out perfectly.  But my private plans to get a computer for myself, possibly to move into another apartment with our own separate rooms so I can get actual privacy, anything like that something will always bound throw things out of whack.

A simple example.  I'm planing on driving to meet a friend of mine to have fun.  Dark clouds are forming and I have to drive through a long forest area.  Outcomes: It rains, meaning drive carefully.  Random animals like a squirrel, deer, cow, horse, bunny, might come out of no where.  So I'll keep my eyes focused.  It might be busy traffic as well so watch out for asshole drivers.  Getting all prepped up, I go out and drive.  And as I got a good two minutes left of driving to do, my car gets wrecked by a fallen meteorite from space.

See how out of the ballpark that was?  Things like that always happens to my personal plans.  Granted I am thankful of everything that I have right now.  But I want to at least achieve or get something big for myself.  All and all, I'll post up my FWA stuffs later today if not tomorrow.

*pounce you guys later, and thanks for the info*

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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
I was gonna say, a meteor hit your car it miiiiiight be your lucky star, those things can have some SOOOOPER rare metals~ tho I hope things start lookin up for ya, battling student loans is long an stressful. I'm sure they have taken more years off my life than the education was worth...
6 years ago
I agree wholeheartedly
6 years ago
*hugs* sorry to hear you lost out on expected return money.
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