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mmmm....Life in the USA

Well ladies and gentlemen, it seems that I won't have any federal return money at all due to a certain student loan that I owe a bunch of years ago.

A little lesson for all of you going to college in the United States of Debt and Paranoia.  Don't ever use student loans unless you are absolutely sure that:
A) You get the degree you're aiming for.
B) Have and guarantee that you'll land a high paying job (that you like) to pay the loan off.

*good luck on both accounts*


(If any luck they might attack my actual paychecks next....assholes.)
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
sorry to hear that, student loans are total bullshit :[
6 years ago
*hug* I didn't expect to get any refund this year, but I somehow got back $87.
6 years ago
Haha, I have to pay off tuition (left the community college mid term to try living on my own in another state, didn't work out), just recently they billed me with interest FINALLY being applied after 3 years, but they didn't inform me BEFORE allready adding the interest. Now I have emergency medical issues I'm trying to take care of and having to do with the money I don't have (because the state take forever to proccess applications for state health inssurance, the last state I lived in hired some idiot to take care of my food stamps but can't pick up a f*cking phone, and I'm stuck living in a town that the only jobs popping up is from Facebook security and whatever the new thing is that comming here, everything else is just just being mowed down).

Have fun getting money from me now, feds!
6 years ago
Welcome to the United States of economic genocide.
All these ruined steps out of poverty aren't accidents.
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