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Sorry.  I'm done writing for a while.

Alright...  I've told everyone about the problems I've been having with my life... Just one darn thing after another after another.   I'm desperately trying to get a new job and struggling through depression and self-hatred, both of which are near-impossible to do for me.  Things have gotten to the point that I have trouble even writing a paragraph.

So as of right now, I'm on indefinite hiatus.  I haven't posted anything in months, so I doubt anyone will know the difference, but believe me, I had been working HARD to get some stuff out and posted.  I have at least three different chapters right on the VERGE of being finished and ready to post... but I can't even LOOK at them.

I don't know when things will get better.  Right now I'm stuck taking care of my dad, who made the extremely insensitive and insane choice to get TWO knee replacements done within a month of each other DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR.  So I have to deal with doing three times my normal chores, carting his sorry carcass around to doctor's appointments, AND try to keep up with my classes...  I had to drop one because of him already.

To add insult to injury...  I got assaulted in a movie theater yesterday.  I went out to see "The Adjustment Bureau" to try to cheer myself up from a near-suicidal depression (wish I was exaggerating), but as I was sitting there, I suddenly felt something hit me in the head.  Some kid was throwing ice into the audience.  After calling the ushers, and then after the movie was over, I pressed charges with the police against him.  He got banned from the theater for a few months, and I got a free movie ticket... but it didn't really help bring me out of my funk.

As for what I've got done, I have Digimon Defenders chapter 2 about 92 percent done...  I have a side-chapter that will come out at the same time about 60 percent done...  and Sonic: Days of Knothole 3 SHOULD have been long done already but it's only 50 percent at best.

As for my Sonic Hypnosis Contest, I already delayed the contest deadline by one month...  And I cannot justify doing it again.  I WILL keep my promise and write a commission for the winner, but I urge the winner to have some IMMENSE patience, because it may take some time.


Anyway, I'll talk to everyone later.  Rock on.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
Wow, that's harsh.  Hope things start to turn around for you.  
8 years ago
Holy shit thats bad. I know how you feel dealing with your dad. Hell mine is a pain in the ass as well. He leaves the country, leaving me to fend for myself until my mother comes back from iraq as i had to get a part time job and deal with school. Then he comes back, with a wife and adopted daughter. Then i have to take all three of them around to appoitments so he can get his own house..oh and they were living with me after they got back. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So yeah i feel for you...just hope you feel better and relaxed soon.
8 years ago
Sorry to hear about all your troubles. :(
I hope your situation improves soon.
8 years ago
Feel better hope things start going well soon.
8 years ago
Don't worry about us...
Take as long as you need. Good Luck.
7 years, 12 months ago
Sorry to hear that Skye. You know we're all here for you in our own little ways. Best wishes to you for a turnaround in fortune!
7 years, 11 months ago
Gah! I'm at 80% on my Sonic story for the contest and I've hit a block! Don't do this to me NOW! >.< I need inspiration, I need Ideas! I need... motivation! Or someone to Rp with for inspiration, ideas and motivation. Gah...

Writing smut is so much easier when you have someone to write with. or at least watch you write it. Writing by yourself takes time and energy I don't have... What with RL and work smacking me around. ugh... I'm working as fast as I can! I'll try to have this story done by morning!

7 years, 11 months ago
You have 17 hours to finish it as I write this message...  I suggest you work REALLY REALLY fast....  Also, send me a note please...
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