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sex scenes

hello all

Now I've been working on a sexy scene for a story ...  I apoligise for the amount of time it's taken for me to produce anything new my brains been running in vapor lock on some things and on others it's been running overtime.   anyway   I was wondering what do you folks like in a sex scene.   Do you want lots of physical details,  or emotional content,  Lots of visualizations, or sensory data, touch taste smell sound.  Do you want creative senarios  or is it simply a matter of getting cocks in holes
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
both :P
6 years ago
I'd rather have a character explain the physical details of what's going on around him. Emotional details are nice in other parts of the story, but when it comes to sex I wanna hear about how rough it is and much they're enjoying it. To go along with that I prefer sensory information because is makes me feel more like I am the character while reading. Creativity of the scenarios doesn't really matter to me as long as it's hot.
6 years ago
Ideally in writing you want to coalesce a mixture of the two; concrete descriptions (sensory detail), and inner monologue (perspective, emotion, etc.)

As for creative scenarios or getting right to the sex, that's a toughy. It can be significantly hotter if something is put into the right context, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing to skip straight to the sex ;D Maybe have a story start with the fucking and casually throughout it blend in some details on how the two got into the situation.
6 years ago
I honestly prefer emotional it makes for a far better read . Buut if you just wanna get off the cocks in holes is your better bet
6 years ago
im into details =p anybody can tell me sombody is getting a dick shoved some place but i want to know how it feels, what it looks like how the charicter is feeling ect. I even sometimes love it when detail is given to such tiny things as smells textures sounds and tastes.
6 years ago
sensory data, phsycial details really help to put yourself there
6 years ago
I feel details is better personally. x3 Makes the story more... Imaginable. xD
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