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Awkward meeeeeeeeeeme

So, um yeah... I got this from EVERYONE. :P

What colour are your underwear/panties?
Black and grey

Do they have a design?
vertical stripes and little bows on them

Girls, what color is your bra?

Is there a design?
Does lacy count?

what color are your socks?

Is there a design on them?

Are you a virgin ?
um... no.

Happy that way?

What is your favorite sex position?
Face down, ass up...

What is your sexuality/sexual orientation/What the fuck do you consider yourself?

Do you look at hentai?

Real porn?

Do you read smutty/porn stories?

Do you read/watch/look at gay porn/hentai/stories?

Who was your first kiss with?
A guy old enough to be my father when I was 20

Are they of the opposite sex?
hmmm... Since I'm trans I guess you could say yes but I was trying hard to be a guy at the time.

Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex?
I've been with guys. Never a girl. Again, due to the trans thing, not sure how to answer.

Is there any one of your friends that you would ever consider having sex with?

Do you have any piercings other than your ears?

If so, where?

Do you have any tattoos?

If so, where?
I has a heart on my butt like my bunny

Have you ever been pregnant/got a girl pregnant?

Ever done any illegal drugs?

If so, which ones?

Have you ever cheated on someone?

Ever been cheated on?

Have you ever been called a whore/slut?

Do you own any sex toys?
Only all of the toys. I <3 my carrot. ^-^

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy involving a relative?
um... yeah.

Have you ever masturbated?
Do we really need to ask this question? Yush!

Have you ever taken a naked picture of yourself?

Have you ever taken a naked picture of someone else?

Are you on any form of birth control(the pill, the patch, etc)?
Don't need it. :P

Have you ever written/drawn smut/porn?
I wrote a story once long ago. It was mostly bad. I've also drawn 2 or 3 pics but I don't have them anymore

Do you swear in front of your parents?
On occasion

Do they care?

Are you uncomfortable yet?
This was supposed to make me uncomfortable?

Are you taking this quiz of your own free will?
.... Yes, Sir. o.o
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Who you tagging.
6 years ago
I don't tag peeps. I figure everyone's already been tagged somewhere and if they haven't there's nothing stopping them from doing it on their own.
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