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Video Game Let Downs

Sooo I want you all to tell me what games were you really looking forward to  but once you got them were a major let down

For me it was spore

the game had so much promise  creating life from the single cell up and evolving to a space faring race.   Cooool

but the end product not so cool

They stripped out the aquatic animal step between microbe and land,   and except for the land animal stage every thing is so bare bones  tribal stage, and civ stages are just races to grab all the land and dispite being able to design everything there is no point to changing any designs  everything works exact same way.   the space stage is fun too but it get dull and repetitive with its overly vauge quest to get to the center of the galaxy  and again you can customize everything on your ship  and planets but there is no real reason to.  there was supposed to be a first contact like mini game where you play a musical communications song thingy back and forth like close encounters of the first kind.  

I played it to the space stage and abandoned it  some times I think I may load the creature creator because truthfully that was the funnest part of it

So what games disappointed you guys
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Cities XL.  It was looking like it'd shape up to be a proper city building game, bringing in the flexibility of design and prettier graphics that I was waiting on a new SimCity to provide (the last good SimCity was SimCity 4).

It was fun at first, but it quickly lost its charm, especially because of the awkward micromanagement of zoning for citizen and job types, the extreme difficulty in upgrading roadways (if you didn't plan ahead for massive roads, you'd often have to bulldoze entire neighborhoods just so you could upgrade the street), lack of new features in newer editions of the game, and its pitiful lack of both public transportation options and moddability.  It's a shell of the great game it could have been.

Pardon me, I have to play some SimCity 4 now.
6 years ago
that resident evil game the most recent one. I played it I was like..... this is bullshit
6 years ago
I am regularly let down by video games.  I'm getting into the field of development, so I end up criticizing everything I play.  I hate how the industry pushes really buggy products and there are a lot of really bare bones games which could be enhanced with simple decisions, like a new game plus.  I think the art of making a good interface, simple, flexible, easy to use, is lost on most developers.

I also have a special place in my hating heart for all the reviewers out there.  There are very few games I end up playing I don't feel deserves 1 or 2 points less than the given score.  Reviewers approach it with such a love for the games they play, whereas I want a critical mind to approach it and call out the bullshit that's thrown onto the players.

If I had to name a game: Pokemon.  I'll name the whole series, but since I'm playing Black 2 right now, that one.  Pokemon is popular because people have an emotional connection to the game and the pokemon.  But it's a horrible game and it would be called out if it wasn't a beloved franchise.  The story is horrible, the interfaces are bullshit, it requires a ton of mindless grinding, really uninteresting grinding.  The game is always 5 years behind gameplay advances of other titles.  But it's never called out, because it's f**king pokemon so it has to be good.
6 years ago
I remember learning about pokemon from the little figures I was like "Oh! these characters are so cute! Oh there's a GAME based around it? SIgn me up!"  
Then I discovered it was essentially advanced rock/paper/scissors. Lame.
6 years ago
Pokemon does have one good thing about it:
It's the only RPG type game to have functional multiplayer that isn't leagues worse than single-player battles.

Still definately needs to work on it's plot and characterisations though. You want a good 'Mons' type game? Play something by Atlus.
6 years ago

*speaks whit southern accent*
and thats all i got to say about that...
6 years ago
The whole Fable trilogy. They promised so much, and gave you so little.
6 years ago
I haven't played any of the fable series  I was interested but then I heard all the bad things and decided not to bother
6 years ago
I've only played 3, but I've heard that none of them really shined like they were supposed to. They were supposed to be the grand build you own story, but they have very little conversation in the games and they more or less force you to be the bad guy unless you want the kingdom to fall. The combat is incredibly repetitive, and overall the game acts like a comedy. It's a 5 star game that they applied to a 1 star production, and I was really sad about that.
6 years ago
Duke Nukem Forever
6 years ago
bleh I'm glad I only rented that game but you also have to admit that after 14 years of hype it would have been impossible to make a game that could have lived up to the expectation.   doesn't excuse them for releasing pure shit though
6 years ago
Mass Effect 3 before they extended the end.
6 years ago
I wasn't as upset as some by the mass 3 ending but the extended endings are much much better I agree
6 years ago
Hitman: Absolution

I loved its predecessor Blood-money. the Hitman games have always been, to me, about creativity. There are 10000 ways to kill the guy, and its up to you to figure out the ways that work. You are just dropped in a big open world with the objective of kill person X by whatever means you want.

Absolution was just kinda bleh. Half the game wasn't even assassination missions, it was glorified "Sneak past the guards splinter cell style but with clunkier controls and the ability to wear disguises." And half of the missions where you DO actually hunt them down, the whole mission leads up to a slow motion shoot out. The handful of missions which play to Hitman's strengths of sandbox elimination feel much more staged than bloodmoney. All of the tricks and traps to eliminate them practically have a giant neon sign saying "Hey! You can drop this chandelier on him!"

I mean, bloodmoney, I had FUN sculking through the level, systematically eliminating or bypassing the defenses to eliminate the guy JUST the way I wanted to. Take the back elevator after eliminating the security grid, steal the uniform, get aphrodisiacs and spike the targets drink, Kill santa and hide him in a refrigerator, dress as Santa clause, follow him and interrupt when hes getting frisky with one of the scantily clad bunny girls, follow him to the balcony and kill him with a kitchen knife and throw him over the railing to hide the body; then proceeding upstairs to eliminate the next guy with the application of a syringe of sedatives, a hotdog, and a remote detonated explosive.

Compared this to, say, absolution. Target I'm trying to kill takes a leisurely stroll to a spot out of sight of the enemies, decided to take a piss on some exposed electrical wires which are conveniently attached to a turned off generator. He will then stroll over to the barbaque and use whatever item is left on the table to pour on the hotdogs; with a bottle of gasoline not 30 feet away. And then the loop resets, going to do alone in shadows next to a dumpster you can hide bodies in, to piss on electrical wires, to explosion waiting to happen. Its not a whole hit man game, its just a lazy level designer putting neon signs saying 'You can kill with A, B or C! Your choice!" That's not choice, that's the illusion of choice.

They also took away the weapon selection. You go into every mission with only a preselected weapon, which cant be customized in any way. I loved blood money where you spent time and energy putting together your massive gun collection, smuggling fire arms out to the end of the mission; and upgrading and buying new guns and equipment to open new possibilities to eliminate your NEXT target. Do I absolutely NEED a sniper rifle to climb up to the light control room of the opera house and shoot the actor on the stage during the dramatic death scene? No. But Its damn funny and I like having the option to do so.

And the weapons management! It was reduced to your standard 'select the weapon from your inventory.' Blood money you had to smuggle things around. Hide guns and weapons discreetly or find a way to slip them past metal detectors and watchful guards. And any larger guns like shotguns and sniper rifles had to be carried in plain sight because you couldn't just slip it in your suit, forcing you to be creative if you want to get close enough to your target without being seen with them. Now apparently you can just cram any gun of any size in your very fancy suit pocket and whip it out when you need it. Carry a sniper rifle through a crowded night club? No problem, I think we've got a holster for that under your left armpit, very discreet.
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