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Weasyl open beta

So it seems registration for Weasyl is open now! Go give it a look-see.

Within the next few weeks, I'm gonna do a YCH auction or two here on InkBunny. After that, I'll do one or two on Weasyl. The Weasyl one will clearly have less competition than here on IB or FA, buuuuut, I'll only consider bids valid from accounts that are created before, oh, let's say Feb 22nd, that's next Friday. You'll also have to have some activity; accounts that are created and then only make a comment or two won't be eligible.

So people who make a Weasyl account within the next week will have a chance at bidding over there for some YCH slots from me some time in the next month or so. Does that give anybody incentive to go give it a good shake-down, look around, see who's got an account over there and poke them to post more (or post yourself if you've got stuff to post).
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Are you sorta giving up on making your own website? I suppose Weasyl would be a better fit overall for you, no up-keep or even having to pay for any services. From what I've heard/read/experienced it's a better coded site than FA, but has most of the same rules as FA, but perhaps a more sane staff. I got an account there but haven't posted anything on it just yet. Haven't been in the mood to start a new gallery there or anywhere else for that matter. o.o; I'm probably just going to use it for business only and keep the socializing on IB and maybe a bit on SoFurry.
6 years, 1 month ago
Nah, still want a personal webpage eventually, and in the meantime I'll be posting to these three sites just as I will be whenever I do get my own page. I'll start posting to my SoFurry too, just keep forgetting to do it whenever I post to everything else. I'm not jumping ship to Weasyl or anything, my disappointment in IB settling to be what it said it wouldn't be was kinda it for me as far as getting so invested in any one site. Like I said, I'll be doing auctions on each site, eventually on sofurry and furbuy too, just to get an idea of what to expect from each one. There's no one site I want to fully get behind anymore, so I'll just do a little bit on all of them.

If at any point it seems like I'm endorsing Weasyl, it's only because FA is still the bottom of the barrel in all aspects other than sheer numbers, and I'm not comfortable endorsing IB anymore, so SF and Weasyl are what's left. And between the two of them, I just lean towards Weasyl cuz I like that aesthetic more. I don't mind that Weasyl doesn't allow cub. I was fine back when cubs just had cubcentral. I still think things were better then. Cubs had their place, where they wouldn't bother/be bothered by anyone else, and it was fine. FA lifting the ban on cub art in the first place was a bad decision made for all the wrong reasons, and one I argued against as strongly as I could out of concern for exactly the kind of stupid crap conflict that cub became for years. But we know how often people listen to me. But things are full circle now. Cubs are off everything else, and they have their own cub site again, and that's fine. Cub stuff goes here, and everyone else can go about their business elsewhere, and clearly nobody here will miss them. Everyone's happy. Yay.
6 years, 1 month ago
*Herp derp check junk mail for account verification.
6 years, 1 month ago
Honey, maybe you should think about becoming a professional novel writer.
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