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I'm gonna feel uncomfortable (meme) after this...

Stolen from @SesameBun

I decided to make this multi character, so here's a legend:
RL= Real life me
SF= Shane the Freestyler
SS= Shane Skye
SR= Shane the Raichu
ST= Symphony Stratus

What color are your underwear/panties?
RL: Grey... just grey...
SF: Pink! My favorite color! ^^
SS: Um, I kinda wearing one of Mavy's right now. ^^;
SR: Light purple~ And don't call me Calvin!
ST: I don't normally wear clothes. o.o

Do they have a design?
RL: Is boxer briefs a design?
SF: Yup! A little panties with nice red heart right over my bulge. ;P
SS: Ice blue with dark blue heart over the rear~
SR: Mm-hmm! White Pokéballs over my... balls. x3
ST: Ponies don't normally wear clothes! ^^;

Girls, what color is your bra?
RL: I don't own any... yet...
SF: Pink, to match my panties! ;P
ST: I'm a stallion! ...Okay, I have udders, and I wear bras for them... Sometimes...

Is there a design?
RL: I wish!
SF: Nah, just plain pink. :3
ST: No, but try not to gallop... I tend to break them easily... >.>

what color are your socks?
RL: Rainbow! One thing I'm happy about. ^^
SF: Long and black~
SS: White.
SR: White.
ST: I wouldn't be caught dead without my blue socks!

Is there a design on them?
RL: Stripped rainbow~~
SF: Purple stripes!
SS: Yup, blue stripes!
SR: Nope! Just plain.
ST: They start dark blue and fade brighter. :3

Are you a virgin?
RL: Yes...............
SF: Not in the least! :P
SS: Nope! Thanks to my twinnybro~
SR: Not since I was a Pichu. ^^;
ST: Not at all!

Happy that way?
SF: Very! |3
SS: Yup!
SR: Well, chu's tend to be sexually active at an early age.
ST: Actually, yeah. ^^

What is your favorite sex position?
SF: I'm not good with names... What's the one where you're kinda on one side with your leg up?
SS: Missionary and doggy. x3
SR: I guess like any chu. ^^;
ST: Well, I like missionary, but I'm usually too big many months for that. ^^;

What is your sexuality/sexual orientation/What the fuck do you consider yourself?
RL: Umm... Well... I like boys... and I'm a girl in my mind... but I don't have or want a vigina. What does that make me? ^^;
SF: Uhh... I dunno... o3o How does that work on shemales?
SS: My brother may be pan, but I'm boys only~ Okay, maybe boobs, but NO VAG! >.<
SR: I'm more or less gay. :3
ST: You better have 5 legs, if you know what I mean~

Do you look at hentai?
RL: Sometimes.
SF: Once in a while.
SS: Um, yeah?
SR: I guess.
ST: Sometimes.

Real porn?
RL: Rarely...
SF: Ha! I'm in it sometimes! ;3
SS: Do photos of Mavy count? >.>
SR: Well, I do watch a lot of Lucario videos. |3
ST: Well... One time in Appleoosa...

Do you read smutty/porn stories?
RL: Sometimes.
SF: Well, when I have time alone. ;3
SS: well, yeah! :P
SR: I follow a series about a group of Lopunny boys. x3
ST: Quite a bit. ^^;

Do you read/watch/look at gay porn/hentai/stories?
RL: Yup!
SF: BL's my favorite! ;3
SS: Mm-hmm.
SR: I'll give you a guess.
ST: Oh yeah~

Who was your first kiss with?
RL: I dunno.
SF: My big brother, Jordan. :3
SS: With Mavy, of course. x3
SR: Um, m-my father, Jack.
ST: Don't remember off the top of my head.

Are they of the opposite sex?
RL: Probably...
SF: He's a boy. x3
SS: Since we're identical twins, I should hope so!
SR: He's my daddy, of course he is!
ST: Eeyup. :3

Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex?
RL: No...
SF: Another shemale? Oh yeah~
SS: Of course! x3
SR: Uh-huh!
ST: Eeyup~

Is there any one of your friends that you would ever consider having sex with?
RL: Yup!
SF: Yeah. x3
SS: Several!
SR: Many. :P
ST: Quite a few.

Do you have any piercings other than your ears?
RL: None, and Probably never.
SF: Nope!
SS: Niet.
SR: Nien.
ST: ¡Nada!

If so, where?

Do you have any tattoos?
RL: None now, none ever.
SF: Not exactly.
SS: Not really.
SR: These aren't tattoos.
ST: What? My cutie mark?

If so, where?
SF: I have these weird note shapes on my ears.
SS: I have a note-shaped birthmark on my butt.
SR: These note shapes where dots should be.
ST: I have a note-shape cutie mark!

Have you ever been pregnant/got a girl pregnant?
RL: Sadly, I can't get pregnant...
SF: Many times~'
SS: I don't think I can. ^^;
SR: Ummm... *Blushes deep*
ST: I, um, kinda have a job in it.

Ever done any illegal drugs?

If so, which ones?

Have you ever cheated on someone?
RL: I try not to.
SF: Can't. :P
SS: Nope.
SR: No.
ST: Never! :o

Ever been cheated on?
RL: Long ago...
SF: Who'd wanna? ;3
SS: Don't think so.
SR: Nope.
ST: No.

Have you ever been called a whore/slut?
RL: Don't think so.
SF: Only when I should be. ;3
SS: Me? o.o
SR: Chu? o.o
ST: Huh? o.o

Do you own any sex toys?
RL: I wish...
SF: Too many to count. X3
SS: Yup!
SR: Quite a few~
ST: Many~

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy involving a relative?
SF: Yup. |3
SS: Mavy~
SR: Mm-hmm~
ST: Um... yeah. ^^;

Have you ever masturbated?
RL: Sooooo many times. x3
SF: Of course. x3
SS: Yup!
SR: A lot!
ST: Eeyup!

Have you ever taken a naked picture of yourself?
RL: Yeah. x3
SF: All the time. ;3
SS: Mm-hmm!
SR: Yup. x3
ST: Eeyup. :3

Have you ever taken a naked picture of someone else?
RL: Nope.
SF: A few. :P
SS: Of Mavy. >w>
SR: Of daddy. :3
ST: Quite a few. x3

Are you on any form of birth control(the pill, the patch, etc)?

Have you ever written/drawn smut/porn?
RL: A few times.

Do you swear in front of your parents?
RL: Yes.
SF: Yup!

Do they care?
RL: Most of the time

Are you uncomfortable yet?
RL: Not really.

Are you taking this quiz of your own free will?
RL: Yeah, it was kinda fun. :P
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