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Public Service Announcement, and Formspring thing

I went ahead and did the formspring thing. I promise not to cop-out or give crap, cryptic or misleading answers. http://www.formspring.me/Kupok

Now, Quick PSA.
Japan's disaster sucks, there's no doubt about it. Praying for Japan is all well and good, but there IS more you can do of course! But for those who wish to do more, bare in mind that the worst kinds of scams and frauds come out during the worst disasters. Now, For those of you who are broke (I know I am :V) there's still some ways to help. Here are some tips

- Most disaster relief charities will gladly accept needed materials, such as bottled water, canned/freezedried long lasting foods, blankets, plushies, toys, and more.
- Avoid giving handouts to individuals over the internet.
- - Instead, point them out to ways they can apply and receive aid provided by the government and relief organizations
- If you are giving money, be sure to google the charity or organization your about to give to. Many false charities like to pop up during these times, and also some charities do not funnel money directly into survival but rather into political or religious agendas.
- Avoid giving handouts to individuals over the internet.
- - No really, it deserves mention twice. Anyone with the luxury to access the internet is not pining for the basic three of Food, Water and Shelter.

It should be noted in my local area of Colorado, already there's been one fraudulent charity, and 3 fraudulent individuals, one of them including a policeman accepting "donations" that went into his pocket. There has even been fraud from within the furry community as well from at least one individual. If you do feel compelled to help a pal in Japan, be sure to research that pal, just enough to make sure some things check out.

Thanks for reading this information.
Remember, There is more you can give aside from Money that is desperately needed by those affected by the disaster.

" The value of currency is only in the things it can afford to you.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
what the heck is formspring?
8 years ago
8 years ago
Kavi is a butt :v
8 years ago
this bidy doesnt have much to give, i gave a bit too much to haiti last year. >.> Im gunna make a international disaster budget.
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