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Does my art mean anything?

I was glancing at my  account and decided to click on joy kill keyword. I noticed I had done over 1000 submissions there. I then looked on my furaffinity site and saw I have done 2216 submissions. That is a lot of art. But as I look back it feels like most of it was forgettable. Like all that stuff doesn't matter. Does anyone else feel that way? Does old commissions or trades matter once they are done? What is your art worth?

This is not a "pitty party" I quit art post. Just wondering.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Its nice to like at someones old art and compare it to there current art to see how they've grown over time. I do think art is worth it.
6 years ago
I think where you are getting the 'forgettable' aspect is likely because you've done so much work, mostly sketches and mainly of similar subject matters - not that any of that is a bad thing, but when I try to remember a certain piece you've done, I can't really just go through and pick out a piece and say 'I remember this, this, this and this about it' - like when it was done, what motivated the piece, etc.
6 years ago
Collecting drawings is like collecting fingernail clippings.

You made them.  They're a tiny part of you.  ...and you can't really put a price on them.
..though some people still do for some reason.
(..art 'and' fingernails)

Personally, I draw shit to vent, or get an idea out of my head.
I draw it and forget it.
I haven't drawn much myself, but at the moment.. I honestly couldn't tell you exactly what i've drawn or how many pictures I have.
I just...  'do' it.
Its like an impulse.

I could never sell it or get payed to do it.
Its just.. something in your head you need to get out.
The moment you start 'forcing' it just to gain numbers or please others is when you start to get miserable.
6 years ago
its easy to forget the lead up to where you are now. do you remember being born? how about the few years following? they're probably vague and blurry. its the same with art, you know it happened but you don't remember much about it. thats how things work, all you can do is keep doing and getting better. cuz thats all thats left, keep geting better! :)
6 years ago
I havent done NEARLY as much as you, (nice btw) but i do know what you mean. But @Kuto is right.
Then again though, you shouldnt feel bad, if you do; with over 1000 submissions done, some would get forgotten but never because they dont mean anything, just because its alot of art.
I can't really say/guess how much my art is worth because i, as many artists are, am the worst critic when it comes to my art Xp
6 years ago
It makes me happy when others react to my work. Whether they enjoy it, talk about it, share it, learn something from it, or create something inspired by it. What more can become of it than that? Most of my work is never seen by anyone, but what is learned from that personal work certainly contributes to the work people do see.

When old work seems forgettable, then that means many things are known now that were not known before. Yet, without that old work those things may have never been learned. That's how I find meaning in old work.
6 years ago
Take down the Mona Lisa. Who can see it then? Art matters when it's displayed. Whether or not people look at it is not the point.
6 years ago
My first pic ever was done by you, and I still show it off and treasure it. :3
6 years ago
I think it was either Gladys Knight or Dianna Ross who said she'll turn on the radio, wonder who sang it and hear it accredited to her when it was over.  Apparently prolific artists are just that way! :)
6 years ago
I frequently go back through my favs and revisit my watched artist's galleries.  Sometimes I find treasures I have forgotten about and enjoy them all over again, or find things that I missed.  I have fav'd stuff that was posted years before.  :)
6 years ago
You've never drawn a pic for me but what I'm gonna say still applies to you:
When I have something drawn for me (rare occasion but happens nonetheless), it really brings a nice big smile to my face. I can remember every single thing that has been drawn for me and I give each one a great emotional value.
You have made over 2216 smiles with that art and you're a damn fine artist too (meaning waaaay more than 2216 smiles), and a smile, even if it is just one, at least from my point of view, is worth it.
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