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hear me out here

while I don't agree with scamming people, being angry at them and turning against them is NOT what you should do

what you should do is simply find a way to get your money back if it was wrongfully given, then simply forget about it and move on

I KNOW what it feels like to have an entire website or two turn against you

shows who's actually only a human disguised as a furry, and those that are completely furry

sadly, the former is more common, at least on FA

I'd hate to see this website turn into another FA, and this is the second step down a dark path

enjoy your short-lived site

I wish you could've done better
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
Twilight, nobody on this site has 'turned against' another user in the, you know, 'trolling' way. We won't tollerate that on Inkbunny. But you can't keep people affected by someone else's scam from just INFORMING the rest about what they did. I yet got to see a journal about it in which people says anything else but what it's just objective truth, or at least what they think they is, in a calm, fact-stating way.

All actions gotta have comsequences. If in the future it's proved that it's not a scam (although all current proof points at it like if it was) then we expect the same people who helped her in the first place to just rectify. You can't just go and lie to everybody on a site speaking about really tragic things and then expect everybody to just forget about it. Things don't work like that /anywhere/. One can do a mistake, or can just screw up, but man, this is just... deliberate.
7 years, 9 months ago
Okay, so you know what it feels like to have a website turn against you.

Hopefully, that means you know what it feels like to make a mistake so big that such a large number of people feel the need to correct you on it. When a large group of people turn on you because they were told a lie, and they are on your case because of something you did not do, that is wrong, and the best you can do is try to correct people on the truth.

But if a large group of people turn on you for something that you did actually do, that means there's a good chance that what you did was wrong, and that you need to take this as a sign to correct your behavior, not just a personal attack.

If you see a person scamming others, LYING to them, preying on their good will and desire to help others, taking advantage of someone else's tragedy to make MONEY for themselves through deceiving people, you SHOULD let others know. That person DOES need to be outed as a scammer. People do need to be told that this person is cheating them.

And that person DOES deserve to get a ton of negative reaction because it is SICK and twisted and WRONG to do something like that.

People who do wrong need to be corrected. They need to be told they are doing wrong. And the worse their wrong action is, the more people need to correct them, and the more it needs to be a harsh and firm correction. To do otherwise is to allow people to continue to do wrong.

This girl lying to people, cheating them, taking donations that were meant to help someone they thought lost a home and a family member, all that is SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE than anything she could claim to be a victim of simply because people found out and retaliated.

I am baffled at how you can see the situation as if SHE is the one who has been wronged. Especially since the only retaliation I've seen is simply people INFORMING others that she is a liar and a con, and not even instigating hate and insult that she actually has earned in doing this.
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