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Oh, screw you, Mister Keyboard.

Decided to buy a Logitech touchpad-keyboard combo in order to interact with the laptop I have hooked up to the TV - it's pretty much the best, if not only, way to use that machine now. Warranty won't cover the repairs the poor old bugger needs. But it's in its element - hooked up to a high definition TV.

For various reasons, it requires an external keyboard, and a traditional mouse won't work at all, so I basically needed this damn thing in order to use my beloved old laptop.

Stupid keyboard is broken right out of the packaging. Don't you just hate that?! Luckily it's just a minor setback, I should be able to replace it tomorrow. I just really hate getting all geared up to play with a new toy, even if it's just a keyboard/touchpad, and discovering it's f*cked fresh out of the factory.


Oh, on that note: yes the "AMA" journal is coming. My plans got seriously derailed in the last few weeks; not to mention I just discovered that I'm going to be smacked for nearly $800 because of my classes. Woo.

Everything keeps piling on...
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Eesh. I feel that laptop-won't-work-without-external-keyboard thing--mine's been too sticky to use on the left side since a friend's ferret tipped apple juice onto it a few years ago. Thankfully the touchpad and an external mouse both still work. Oh, and the battery doesn't detect any more so I have to keep it plugged in.

The only way I know of to test whether it's the battery socket or the battery itself that needs replacing is to either take it in to a shop (costing more than the laptop is worth at this point) or buy a new battery, worthless if it's the socket. My tertium quid? Saving up to buy a new laptop, with intent to convert the old one over to a media center or something afterward.
6 years, 1 month ago
That's precisely the situation here, actually.

It's an "entertainment" laptop, came with everything from a TV antenna to a BD drive and remote control. The battery is dead, several of the keys don't work on the onboard keyboard and even the charge-port itself has been damaged - so I'd rather not move him around much, he seems to be safe where he is.

So all I can do with him is plug him into my TV, leave him plugged in to the power, and use wireless input devices. Of course, there's no room for me to keep and move a mouse on my chair or anything, so I was looking into either a wireless trackball or, well, the thing I ended up buying.

I walked in and grabbed the first one off the (pretty high) shelf, but I'm still shocked to see a brand new, unopened product with literally a third of the keys not working. Gurr.

The thing is, I knew I'd be retiring my old lappy to this; and it's great, I was looking forward to having a new, more powerful laptop to move around and do laptoppy things! If I can get the input problem sorted out, then I'll have a decent machine to do all kinds of work on, with a huge amount of screen real estate to use! Woo! Efficiency!
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