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Usual general randomness~

Probably gonna talk about art for a bit, then since I wont be able to stop my paws from typing, I dunno what will be typed about x3

So been working on my eyes, I've finished blue https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0lt6i8b56dx7ff/eyes%202.jpg
It's not great, too spirally. So I'll try being smoother on the next set which will be brown. Then probably mixed colours like green/brown, blue/green, brown/orange, though orange will probably be in the normal brown too.. Maybe some crazy colour ones too..
But yeah, I'm so bad at brown eyes, like.. ugh you guys, they always come out really scary and demonic, seriously I've done red eyes that are all rawr and they've come out prettier x.x

Yeah advice/tips/suggestions for improvement on things is like instant AWL OF THE LURV.
If you have tutorials even more <3
Though I kinda collect loads of tutorials and go "Oh wow this is so amazing! so handy!! I can use this to get better!" and then never look at it again. So many art books around the place too.. I read one on perspective ages back and it was really cool, like seriously some good things to think of there, like a character in the middle of a picture is less likely to draw peoples attention *Hides more or less everyone of his pictures*. It was just really cool, on about scale and making it look like the background was different sizes an stuff by placing the character at different spots. Was savage.

Anyways I have digressed.. what was I going to type about?

Umm.. art.. yeah, fur is so hard to do,  like to make it detailed and stuff, ya see artists and they like add random blotches and it looks fecking amazing and then you try it and it looks like a three year with a box on their head with eye holes on the opposite side decided to sign their name on yer picture..
That's not just me.. right?

So I'm casually failing at fur too, I think working on texture would be something good to try. *nodnods*

Also I'll try upload non faceshot stuff at some point, it's just full body type pictures are really intimidating and I suck when it comes to effort being given.

Umm, what kinda stuff would ye like to see more or? If people want things, I wouldn't mind giving them a shot, cos once I start working on something I sometimes actually finish it.. sometimes..

So what drives you guys(and non guys) to be better artists, or to just keep arting, or not even with art, what's something that just makes you want to be better?

I'm really bad, like recently I want to become a better artist just to be like "Hah art teacher! you suck I can draw nice circles! Look at these circles!" So yeah..  (Not proper reason, but I would like to be like "mwahahaha, circles bitch!" she was so mean..)
I think I'd like to become a better artist though, just so I can draw what I like, to be able to get ideas and actually draw them. And maybe one day work on a little comic thing.

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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
good friends like you keep me going and wanting to get better :3
*hugs tight*
6 years ago
(Every time i read your journals i just want to answer everything but that would make my comments just as long as the journal XD)

I have a few tutorials if you'd like them, i prefer to watch videos though since they show and i feel its more explanatory and helpful that way.
" a character in the middle of a picture is less likely to draw peoples attention
Awesomness, that i never knew! Im definitely going to change that from now on X3

Fur is really hard to draw/color/ though but i do like how artists execute it, it looks really nice, good luck with it. Also, more micro stuff! its really cute to see tiggy in tea lol

I actually don't know what makes me want to be better, i just kinda do...but if i had to choose something, i guess its the fact that i use my art to speak for myself and unless i learn to draw better, i wont be understood when i "speak". Idk though >w<

(lol thats a perfect reason to get better! i want to do that too now) I actually would love to see you draw a comic of sorts; whats better than one cute picture? a whoooole comic of cute pictures ^w^
6 years ago
Hehe, I  kinda have to make myself stop typing so it won't be ridiculously long.
Feel free to make a journal length comment. It'd be fun to read.
Typing via phone is hard.. Um um if you want to send em. I'd love you long time xD

Yeah there's loads of stuff about perspective which is really interesting. I tend not to use any of the tips but if ya want I can make a journal talking about it. It'd be boring though xP

Grrr people that are really good at art xP
Thanks for the suggestions Ill try do some.you and yer Tiggy tea xP

That's a good reason though! Expressing yerself is like one of the best things about art.
Hmm a comic sounds hard... Maybe at some point x3
6 years ago
Those blue eyes are beautifully made^^

Since i don´t draw myself there´s not much advice i can give you, other than look at tutorials or watch other artists drawing and coloring on livestream and learn a few things by watching.
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