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Just rambling~

I'm sorry about the randomness, I'm really giddy tonight..

I've 70 watchers x_x
That's like so many, seriously that's like 68 people that don't know me from real life or country biased towards me, it's crazy xD
Thank you all~<3

I'm tempted to draw something to be like "YAY PEOPLES!" but that might scare peoples away..

I feel like I'm digressing and I haven't even started talking about stuff yet ^^''

I'm doing these gift things! I'm not opening for like requests or anything cos as ye all should know I'm terrible and never get around to em. So just gonna gradually do some gift things for people every now and then. Cos, I love em long time an stuff.

Recently I've been like, looking over all of my art and in all fairness, the consistency is terrible. So, to improve my arts, I'm gonna start focusing on single parts and gradually get better. I'm starting on eyes, because good eyes make a picture. Hopefully I can get them looking awesome, and then I can move onto something else like fur.

That's my first fairly rough attempt at eyes, the shine thing is hard to make SHINee x3 And trying to make em 3-D is just failing xP

But yeah, I think actually spending time on pictures will improve the quality. Hopefully.

Been listening to English music, it's crazy x3
Well, modern English music, it's all so filthy.. except this one that was about some girl wanting some guys bicycle, it was really random, it was like "bitch just get a bus".

Was looking at all the debuting groups in K-Pop during 2012 and by gawd, there's like 128391283 bazillion, in 2011 there was like 11, and what's horrible is, all these rookie groups are really good x_x
Too many bias'!!

I've to go cubsitting tomorrow x_x
Lack of internets, wae!?

Do you guys (and non guys) snore? I snore, but like little baby snores, not like SNOREPLOSION! One of the lads I know, he has snoreplosions, but in all fairness I got an amazing sleep that night, it was like they were soothing or something (or they were so intense I was knocked out).

If you've survived this long, what's you're favourite art style (to draw/see)? And what animals do you find hardest to draw?
*Offers feesh cookies*~<3

I guess I'm probably best at traditional realistic, but it doesn't go well with the digital style I've adapted x3
And I'm terrible at drawing, Dragons, Foxes, Rabbits, Bucks, Otters, Hippos, Lions, Giraffes,Rhinos, Bears, Canines... more or less everything that isn't Toan *nodnods* and even then it's not great x3

Sorry for the randomness, just wanted to type~
*Huggles tight*
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
Your rambles are hilarious/adorable/wonderful XD

But i don't really snore, i just grind my teeth (they're kinda small now >w<). But naturally, my favorite art style to draw/see is anime but evidently im better at realistic. And the animals i find hardest to draw are dragons, otters and horses...i suck at them.

*huggles back and eats the cookies*
5 years, 11 months ago
No ways, they're pure serious... XP
I'm glad you enjoy em~

Oh, that sounds like it'd hurt, does yer jaw hurt lots? o:

OoOo, the anime style is ridiculously difficult, ya kinda wouldn't think it like. Keep at it, and you'll definitely get better though ^~^
Horses o:
I forgot about them, so hard to draw! And it's weird cos like, realistic aren't as hard as anthropomorphic x3

*Cuddles tight*
5 years, 11 months ago
yeah, i agree with the above, these things usually really help me with my moodies ^^
"Keep on Rambling", like granny used to say..
well, not my granny, but i bet someones granny said that.. it kinda sounds like a granny thing to say.
and art.. hmm.. i like art, that is just it. i have no real favorite style or genre as such among visual arts. i enjoy ancient Greek mosaic, old oil paintings, cubism, surrealism, digital, mathematical... all kinds of visual artsies really.. but it has to have some meaning, some agenda, some emotion which speaks to me.. something indescribable really.. same goes with many other arts also.. i like theater and opera and movies and installations and...  but things which i really like, have something which i can not put into words really...
And as a visual artists.. i'm really bad at drawing "organic" shapes in general, so i kinda stick with my fractals and abstract paintings...
as music goes, there i have favorite genres, and i could go on about it great detail over extensively too long time really, so.. lets not go there now ^^
*takes a cookie and hugs*

ps. I don't snore ^w^
pps. those eyes are lovely ^^
5 years, 11 months ago
Hehe ^~^
I'm glad you enjoy them too o:
Rambling is a fun way to express yourself, so I like doing it lots~

Sounds like a wise Granny :3

Oh you know so many types, mmh I agree though, there's so many different forms of art. I love dancing though~ It's like incredibly fun and gets rid of all that stress, tis only ridiculously embarrassing x3

OoOo, feel free to ramble about music, I'd like to hear about it ^~^
You could even make a journal on it o:
It'd be a good read~

Not snoring? That's crazy :P
Thank you very much ^~^
I hope to improve them.
5 years, 11 months ago
I've been told I sometimes snore a little, though I have no evidence myself to prove or disprove it x3

As for drawing I'm best at anime style, specifically in the vein of Yoshihiko Arai's work (I'm not nearly as good as him though). Also, the animals I'm the worst at drawing are humans XD;;;
5 years, 11 months ago
It´s always nice to see that people take the time to write down what´s on their mind.

I don´t snore much, i´m more of a grabber. When sleeping i start to grab the covers or the pillow. Sometimes i wake up freezing because i pulled up the bedcovers ^///^
And those eyes look really good.
5 years, 11 months ago
In all honest I would like to argue that your eyes are always the best part of your pictures. Even if the picture comes out a bit derp, the eyes still look incredible!~ :3
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