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more updates (IMPORTANT)

well first off again my art que

1 comic page (4 pics) for wakkatheman : 2 sketched 2 unstarted

Okay so I went to the doctor the other day and the doc checked me over and perscribed me codine for the pain. He wanted to run some blood work to make sure my weight loss wasent from a medical reason. Ive always had trouble gaining and losing weight so for all i know maybe it is.

I hate needles but i sucked it up like a big girl and just looked away only wincing twice , once when they put the needle in and one when they took it out. i should be getting my test results back today.

Dad also finally went and took me shopping for food just for me so i got some yummy microwavable meals , some protien shakes , bottled water , grapes , and a few other yummy things.

So my court date to deal with this stupid assult charge is today at 9 : 30 . Im pretty stressed out about it. Im hoping once the judge hears that kicking my lil brother was a total accident and that i have witnesses willing to testify to that , that they drop the charges. Honestly all this is is a huge ball of stress on me when im not well , and a waist of the courts time. siblings fight all the time and I wasent even trying to hit him at all. He just got in the line of fire while I was kicking a chair and I couldnt stop my leg in time to stop from kicking his arm by accident.

Its all the nannys fault for writting her police report. she wrote i inteded to kick him deliberatly in the head. i didint even hit his head so that alone is a lie. my bro had no bruises and wasent even crying. in fact he was laughing cuz the nanny yelled at me for kicking him :/

dad says this is just for me to plead guilty or innocent but im still super stressed and afraid of court.

Ill update you all on how things go. cross your fingers for an unerstanding judge <3
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
I love you, cassy. Stay strong.
6 years, 1 month ago
Good luck cassy. all of your friends will be hear waiting for you and well----hugs-- blah im not used to this mushy stuff. XD
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