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My opinions on being a 'man' (Ignore)

Before you assume things, no. I am content with my physical sex. I have no desire to acquire feminine sex organs. Just to let you know.

When I say 'I dislike being a man' if I ever say it (which I rarely do, but still do), I refer to man as a gender term constructed socially by society. Being a man includes several stereotypes which I very, very much disprove of, and hate being expected to live up to:

>>> Emotions. We have to be tough. We're not allowed to express any emotions, especially sadness, happiness, or love. If we do, we're considered feminine or gay.
>>> Dominance. Men have to be better than the woman, the 'master' in a marriage. If we let our wives make decisions for us, we're soft, weak, and emasculated.
>>> Violence. As a little boy, we play with toy guns, wrestling sets, action figures, basically things that fight. If we're pacifist or prefer softer toys like kitchen sets and horses, we are like little girls.
>>> More violence. We're supposed to like violence on tv. Movies with explosions and war are preferred. If we go see a romantic movie or watch a telenovela or romantic anime, we are gay or feminine.
>>> Appearance. We have to smell like certain things: sweat, Axe body spray and soap, etc. We don't care so much about what we wear and take 5, 10 minutes at most to prepare fully for the day. If we take the time to actually dress ourselves nicely, shower with soaps and scents that aren't 'for men', were, again, feminine and gay.
>>> Respect. A lot of guys show a lack of it. In this society, we don't respect elder authority, especially towards females. If we respect the instructions of a female teacher in school, we're a kiss up, a teacher's pet.
>>> Jokes. Our humor has to be made up of sexism, sexual themes, racism, offensive terms, and anything that makes fun of someone. Male humor is at the expense of another individual.
>>> Chores. Women do the housework, and men win the bread. Women raise the kids, and cleaning and cooking are women's work. If we do them, we are doing women's work.
>>> Music. Rock, metal, sometimes country. That's it. Listen to certain pop, love songs, foreign music, that's gay music.
>>> Sports. Football, hockey, basketball. Men sports are what we're allowed to watch and play. But, swimming, soccer,  etc., are gay sports.
>>> Women. Women are less than men. As stated before, men are dominant, more important. Men come first, women are almost like objects. Treat women like an equal, we are one.

Well, that's how I feel. My 8 year old sister wanted to add a few things, but... I omitted them ^^; If you want to hear, note me. Anyways... Yeah... Just a random rant.
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
those are seriously old beliefs, at best, they are childish and only apply to students or such,  these days a lot of them are rebuked and once you get to adult life, you find out there's way more to life than that, labels become meaningless.

also, interested in the other things
6 years, 3 months ago
I still see some of these being enforced by my peers, and by older people's I know. (Though some I know don't believe them, that's a minority at best, I hate to admit.)

And, I will note you the other thing.
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