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let's play advice

I need some advice on doing let's plays and making commentaries.
such as what should i do to feel relaxed when commentating.
and also what to say during an commentary.
i was also wondering if i should do something different instead of let's plays..
like for example only show moments of an game when i actually say something ( since when i talk while playing a game it's more of a heat of a moment thing... (although i dunno if that would make good videos ^^;;; )
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Here are some tips and ideas. I've done a couple let's plays and I know some others who do as well.

1.Plan ahead:
  Unless it's a blind run, you should have an idea of what you need to be doing in an episode. You can have some information, comments, jokes, or stories relevant to what's going on.
1b.Blind run:
  Don't be afraid to be expressive(surprise, giddyness, defeat etc), but don't overdo it (pewdie syndrome).

2. If you have trouble thinking of things to talk about while playing a game, many people record the commentary post play while watching. you just have to remember to be "in the moment" and not talk about it like it already happened.

3.Editing: I'd suggest not editing out gameplay unless it's:
a)boring (RPG grinding) with nothing to talk about. If you cut out parts people will wonder what happened there.
b)multiple deaths. 1 death is fine to leave in, 2 if they're both funny. the worst thing is to have an episode just of dying only to start the next episode dying in the same place to pass the area.

4.The Game:
  Pick rarer games. no one wants to see Let's Play Portal  #873 or Amnesia or Let's Play Slender #65,438
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