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So does this make me a freak?

a few years ago I hurt my back and part of the treatment were tens sessions.  for those who don't know thats a electricale muscle stimulator.  I loved the feeling.  recently I found a battery operated model on ebay

so my back was sore the other day and I hooked it up.  felt great.

so tonight I  was feeling stressed and pulled it out  I started on my back them decided well err after I attached the electrodes some where else *blushes*

Its a rather unique sensation and may have to explore further... is that too weird?
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
no that doesn't make you a freak :P I know for a fact you aren't the only one who's played around with a vibrator in such a way ;)
8 years ago
Not too weird. Our household has a TENS Buttplug after all. It's made specifically for such play.
8 years ago
While researching on weather or not it was safe to do I ran across a story about a tens dildo called the vag-i-stim... It was said to tighten and tone the muscles (giggles).   the poster said it produced the best sensations analy
8 years ago
Well, It's strange. Okay, You know how the TENS on your stomoch and whatnot makes it feel like you just got sorta punched, or thumped there?

The TENS Buttplug does that to your anal walls, But because of that, It gives the illusion that the plug's actually fucking you OwO
8 years ago
oooo no hun thats not wierd thats awesome
8 years ago
i've heard of stranger fetishes, your good :3
8 years ago
Electro-Stim is rather widely utilized. They actually utilize it to get sperm samples from dangerous animals as the shock will force you to cum.

In fact, you can look this up; there is a gal who had a hubby who was a soldier or something and died. She wanted his kid so she somehow got them to use Electro-Stim to zap some juice out of his balls before they buried him...

Just read up on the dangers and play safe.
8 years ago
its ok your just an electro-slut like me i like it look up some thing call an ultraviolet wond. there fun
8 years ago
Now you can write a story about it :3
With cubs!
8 years ago
I was thinking of just that
8 years ago
Hehe nahh you just likes electro sex now. XD
8 years ago
o..o well! xD naw that's not too weird <3 It's stimulating the nerves |3 just be careful where you put it!! D: there was this thing on 1000 ways to die xD and a woman was using a tazer to pleasure herself resulting in death >>;; dunno what the electrical rating is on that thing but be safe <3 and have fun |D
8 years ago
i never tried it....but i have allways been curious about electro stimulation *blushes*  it's perfectly fine.
8 years ago
Unique? Rare.. but not a freak. I've seen the adult devices for sale in a local adult novelty shop.
8 years ago
actually it's a fairly common fetish/kink though it is still somewhat of a minor one.
it's known commonly as electro stim and it's probably only minor because most people would not even want to think about connecting something that pumps electricity into the body to there junk.
I know it's very little electricity but most people don't.
8 years ago
Yeah, that's almost as common a toy as ice or silk scarves, and I second the call for electro-cub sex. :-)
7 years, 11 months ago
Pretty common called e-stim, an ex mast of mine was going to have me use a sound for estim, while he had an estim butt plug in, then he was going to mount me so we'd have a current going through us.... would of been pretty awesome
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