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Finally decided to get started...

Made the decision a few days ago, and contacted a few friends who had already gone through the ordeal, that it was time to start the process of acquiring my firearms license.

This should be interesting; to be rather blunt about it, I'm a big firearms nut, and merely being licensed to own my very own piece of technological awesomeness has been a goal of mine - albeit one I wasn't prepared to aggressive pursue - since I was very young. Now I'm somewhat considering getting it done.

Got to the party late, though. First round I sent downrange was when I was thirteen. Was a very informative day. I could say more, and actually have fodder for my first decent journal in ages, but I'm hesitant to get into it. There are two topics I feel are liable to bring out the worst in people, and firearms/firearm ownership is one of them. Which is why I rarely discussed the matter before.

So this is going to be interesting.

As one owner put it recently: he got his license and handgun in order to prove to himself that he could do it. He could take on the bureaucracy, the deliberate hurdles, the pointless fees, and have the financial base/skills to handle it all, in order to achieve a goal that he felt strongly about.

Ironically, looking at it carefully, it's so much harder for someone, an alone person, especially a young person, to get their own CAR license than it is to get a firearm license here - and our government is deliberately shitty about this. So it goes to show how absolutely ridiculous the system is for new drivers.

Seriously, if you're eighteen and work after college hours at McDonald's to get by, parents not supporting you, you're actually going to find it easier to get a license for your Glock 17 than your Hyundai. You'll also be holding/shooting your new gun unsupervised before you can drive you new car unsupervised.

If you don't believe me, do the research, and think of it from the point of view of an unsupported teenager/young-couple. Or just ask me to explain my reasoning. I... I guess I'll do that if you ask.
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Firearm ownership can be a difficult thing to talk about because it's one of the most heavily strawman'd topics. A friend of mine offhandedly said he "hates guns." I wasn't about to ruin a decent conversation by doing this, but it was thoroughly tempting to remind him that chances are all his reasons are based on lies. (He's also a self-identified pacifist, and I happen to hate how arrogant pacifists tend to be - not that they'll admit to it.)
6 years, 1 month ago
If I had a job, I would already have applied for my LTC.  Or at least taken the requisite firearms training course to apply.  Who knows if the state would actually grant me the license?  Really only one way to find out...

6 years, 1 month ago
If I want to own a handgun, I need an LTC.  An FID is good (and required) only for longarms.  LTC Class B would allow me to own a handgun or "assault weapon" (i.e. an AR-15 style weapon), though I'm not allowed to carry the weapon except locked in a case during transport.  LTC Class A would allow me to concealed carry a handgun (though the state only grants those with the consent of the local police chief AND the head of the state police department, and only if you can "demonstrate need" to concealed carry).
6 years, 1 month ago
Guns is funs.

That is all.
6 years, 1 month ago
I'm not to big a fan on guns, but that doesn't mean I'm against them. It's more of the people behind the gun that determines that.  In about a month it will be the 1 year anniversary of when some jackass came in and robbed where I was working at gunpoint where I was the first person he pointed the gun at. Saying that though doesn't say there are no responsible gun owners out there mainly because there are a lot of them

It's still meh to me but if only the world could switch back to swords and bows mainly because a little part of me thinks that they require more fitness and skill to use. also with the rise of obesity in the states it would cause a decline in fat people here.  I wish you the best of luck and hope you use your license responsibly and not do anything stupid with your firearm
6 years, 1 month ago
It's still meh to me but if only the world could switch back to swords and bows mainly because a little part of me thinks that they require more fitness and skill to use. also with the rise of obesity in the states it would cause a decline in fat people here.

My grandfather has much better chances of defending himself with a gun (and he doesn't own one) than martial arts or a sword. Single mothers who have children to protect (or even if they're not single and their husband isn't around at the time) have much better chances with the gender-equalizer than just falling back on a martial art they've never been seriously forced to use.

No offense, but people who say this are usually egotistical and haven't actually thought about the circumstances beyond protecting themselves. Not to mention that if you haven't been in a physical conflict before, your opinion on how you'd deal with it is pretty much baseless.
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