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A simple request

While it is nearly impossible for me to control how my worx pics are used or misused, there is one situation that I wish to try and control. I do not want any worx pics reposted at sites that minors are likely to access! This includes blogs and wikis. I'm not giving any details, but I was recently made aware of one of my pics being used to illustrate a wiki article. Whether it was due to the contributor being unable to see the dead giveaways of the parody, or due to a desire to troll or cause a commotion, I'm drawing the line since the particular wiki is easily searched for by children.

Again, please do not repost any worx pic at any site that may be frequented by minors (persons under 18 years of age)! Thank you for your understanding.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
I assume this also includes sites like Rule 34 as well, right?
6 years ago
I don't mind worx being made available at Rule 34 and similar sites that were created to host cartoon pr0n art and parody. What I do mind is if a worx pic is posted to a site that is made to attract a general audience (i.e. people who aren't looking for pr0n).
6 years ago
Sadly the only control you have is not to post at all, unless you know a way to prevent it. Oracle is certainly working hard at it. That's the reason behind their "security updates". I remember when you could d/l almost anything in flash and save it for yourself. Not any more though. I agree that such art should be restricted from those who "might be offended" as they just raise a stink and ruin the fun everyone else, but I don't think you are going to do much to prevent such activities in the future w/o serious effort, and many people do such things "just because they can" w/o a care for you or anyone else.
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