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Moar Suggestions..Livestream

My dilemma...I did livestreams with Skype for over a year...people could join the Skype call and people in Livestream could hear them...this seemed like a good way to promote interactivity, as I did not exclude anyone who wanted to be in Skype from those calls, as unlike a lot of furs, I do not have very many furry friends to stock those calls with.

The problem I knew could disrupt this system was DRAMA!

I knew this risk was increasing when the regulars to Skype were making their own channels that I was excluded from, and many of the regulars in Skype were no longer attending the Livestream, which was the whole purpose of that Skype channel.

I always had a free speech policy (maybe a mistake?) religion and politics were on the table to be discussed and in fact I thought this fun as the election was drawing near.  Now I have very conservative views on many issues, because I have thought many things through and have rationales for my beliefs.  But I would never claim to be 100% and welcome contrary arguments, as one might prove me one...so bottom line, i LOVE freedom of speech, cuz I could be batshit crazy and welcome the person who proves me wrong on any belief.  Srsly, I do.  Becuz I want to be correct in my thinking, rather than being right in my thinking.

So then the problems started.  A small number of people started conspiring against meas is wont to happen when you allow such freedoms, that they want to stifle free speech to favor their views.

And really, we had a lot of crazy shit going on...there was one person who thought the christian church totally controlled everything and was evil in Alabama.  This was justified to them because Christian radio stations bought out all the local stations...conspiracy!! hehe  yet these views that christian controlled the world were tolerated as anything else, cuz hell, the stuff i believed could, which does go against a LOT of popular thought, because hell I think about things a lot, and say thats fucked up, what people believe

again i would track conservative in my belief, so what most teens think, I would claim they were wrong and have facts to back it up...

for example:

--no one is born gay, just as no one is born a pedophile, see ancient greece and prisons

--dont believe in common descent (evolution) as things evolve, but the idea everything is related kinda depends on magic

--weird ideas on art, like if you are not educated, you have no place judging artwork, the idea that you can tell good artwork by seeing it is the same as cooking, that you wouldnt complain when gazpacho soup was served to you cold if you didnt know thats how its supposed to be, because one needs to know the intent of the artist...all art has rules it abides by....applying chibi rules to surrealism is just asking for trouble and missing the point.  My friend got permabanned from the FA forums for making that exact point by the el33t artist of Arshes Nei, because apparently she knew better and thinks all art obeys the same rules...they don't


this small group decided their view was correct and tried to silence the free speech of the channel, which btw I LOVE...i love hearing different POV and other arguments, my motto was just have the facts to back them up, if you think im wrong, plz plz plz prove it, because id love to admit I was wrong on something, as it makes me grow...wow, does anyone else feel that way?

would love to do more livestream and include skype, but how do I stop said problems from occurring again?

so yeah livestream this sat n sun, free caricatures for ppls, donate if u likes, but happy to do for free for practice trying something new
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
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