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O.o Headed Overseas

So, I've just received some rather Big Deal news about my job and the work I'll be doing over the next year. I was informed today that I was selected for a temporary position that I applied for in December.

This position involves me spending 6 months overseas as a civilian in an active combat zone. I don't really feel comfortable being more specific in that.

So, in late July, I will be headed overseas to proudly and voluntarily serve my country. I will be there until February of '14.

As you might imagine, this will have a severe impact on my contributions here. I don't even know what the connectivity will be like when I get over there.

Right now, I am focusing on getting my life in order to prepare for my new position. In terms of commissions, I will be focusing all my efforts on finishing my current commitments (Estrid Dev & Operation: Yellow Hammer). Beyond that, I will have to make an assessment of my priorities and decide if I'm going to allow any future commissions in the time I have before I my departure. Chances are, I will be writing very much on a case-by-case basis for people I already know & enjoy working with.

Thank you all for reading!
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Awwww, well, it'll suck to have you around less, but if it's anything that will improve your life, then I wish you ALL the best of luck with this endeavor! And I'm sure that RD, Corm, myself, and your legion of pervs will be here anxiously awaiting your return. We'll talk more soon, I'm sure.
6 years ago
HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! Congratulations (I think?) on the assignment. Keep your head down, stay safe and come back to us in one piece. Gonna miss you and want to hear from you as often as possible. Thoughts and prayers with you always Jacinth.
6 years ago
Be safe out there and definitely stay in touch.
6 years ago
I just recently got back from a combat zone and if you'd like to talk at all about how some things will prolly be over there I am open to conversation.
6 years ago
well, all I can say is keep safe, keep sharp, and please return as soon as you can :)  Good luck, and I await your return
6 years ago
stay safe we'll miss you
6 years ago
Holy hell Jacinth.  That's awesome you got selected for this.
I wish you the best of luck with it.  Take care and come back safely.
6 years ago
Awww well at least you're gonna do something you enjoy.  Hope we can talk more before or after this ^.^
6 years ago
Oh my! Well, please stay safe, and I hope this works out well for you!
6 years ago
Its not going to be same without you here! Be safe and enjoy your new experience!
6 years ago
I wish you a lot of luck and a safe stay.  I have some good friends doing similar thing and I'll tell you what they told me: Trust your instincts. They will save your ass if it goes sideways.  We'll be waiting for you back here.
6 years ago
Way to go! Not sure exactly what you're doing, but my company actually hires a lot of people once they come back from those sorts of arrangements. From what I've seen connectivity isn't actually as scarce as you might expect over there, though free time is.
6 years ago
thats... wow. good luck to you.
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