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Updates On My Life ^^

Okay. So, this morning, there is a delay due to snow and such. So, time for an update on me about stuff and things ^^

Key: A = Art, R = Religion, L = Life, F = Family, S = School, C = College related

(A) I'm kind of in an... Art block again ^^; It's not so bad that I cannot draw. Its kind of a... Block on new ideas ^^; I just repeat what I've done before or feed off of ideas directly given to me by others. I need some originality ^^;

(A) Also, I'm thinking of doing more animations. But instead of my first one, they'll actually be good XP

(A) One more thing: If you wonder why I never color my traditional pics, let me say so right now: I'm partially color blind, ok? I mix up colors that are somewhat similar, so I think someone's unnatural hair color is a natural one ^^; (Not with such extreme colors with like pink and blue, but I mistook a lime green hair color with blonde ^^;)

(R (Feel free to skip all R sections)) Just to re-establish: I am fully Roman Catholic in my religion. Albeit my political views are a bit more... Liberal than some of the stereotypical redneck ultra conservative Catholics. If I were like that, I'd hate myself (more than I do now ^^;)

(R, L, F) So... Me and my brother are constantly fighting whenever one of us brings up religion ^^; I try to defend my God, but I can't. He says my God is simply an unjust and jealous prick who will kill with no good reason. I know He is not, but its hard when he pulls up the entirety of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Joshua, and Job on me ^^; Can someone out there who is Catholic, some other kind of Christian, or someone who even shares those books in common in our faith books, like my Jewish and Islam brothers, help me prove to him that our God is a good God who has His reasons for His actions? ^^;

(A, R) Anyways... I'm going to do something. I'm going to make a second account. Where I shall post only religious art, such a new comic I'm planning for Lent, based on Jesus' life, and fan art for my patron saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music. If you're curious, ask me about it later, because I have not done so yet.

(S) So in school, I'm doing quite well. Its been a bit stressful because now they're throwing stuff at us nonstop and a lot. In the last 2 weeks I've had several essay like assignments, a research project on the book of Psalms, and a rejected research topic. So, I wanted to, for psychology, do a research paper on the phenomenon of telepathy. My teacher, after a few days of wasted research, told me to switch topics, because there isn't enough information to prove telepathy exists. I was all like: >-< I exist, but whatever.

(L, F, S) So, now I'm behind, and I'm doing research on the cognitive abilities of peoples with Aspergers, relative to 'normal' (hate that word) peoples. BUT, according to the DSM-5, it no longer exists as a diagnosable condition. >.< Me and my sister now are only diagnosed according to a no longer existing condition...

(C) Colleges are killing me! Colleges are flooding my inbox, 99% of them are ones I've either never heard of or don't care about. Recently, they're all liek: 2 DAIS TO APPLAY TO TEH UNIVERSETEAH11!!11, MIDNITE APPLICATION DOO!!11!! lOOKY HEAR!! I just... Want to slap everyone who sends me an email like that. UNIVERSITIES! THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST, BUT IF I DIDN'T MAKE ANY ATTEMPT TO APPLY BEFORE NOW, I'M NOT GOING TO, OKAY?!?!?! Ok...

(C) So, for the colleges that are interested in me, here are their current statuses. Accepted in to: UMassD and UMassB, Harvard interviewed me, Tufts wants to interview me tomorrow, and nothing from the rest of them as of current. Scolarships are going well as well. Nothing yet, unless I go to UMassD, but if Harvard wants me, UMassD is only an option to consider as back up ^^; But, I'm panicking. I have deadlines to send expensive initial fees if I want to go. I need to decide immediately, or I will end up letting opportunities close for me forever. And, I'm not exactly rich; I can't afford to pay a college money just to have it stay open as an option and end up not choosing it. Someone in college, done with college, or something about college, please help me decide ^^;

(F, S) So... A recent event where I hit rock bottom once again. My mom's birthday was on Sunday. My bank account is at -$200, thanks to a certain ****... So... I couldn't get the woman who gave birth to me and raised me a decent birthday present. So, I made her a cake. When it was almost done, I stepped out for a minute to help my mom with something, and then I heard the cake drop. My stepdad started yelling at my little sister who happened to be close by. Then, my mom came in to defend her, and started yelling at and blaming her for her cake being on the floor. Then, when I tried to defend her, he went on to me. I kept trying to get it in to his head that HE was the one who dropped it on to the floor, because he didn't pay attention to the fact there was a HOT cake on the stove cooling. He just kept on yelling and cursing at me, and everyone else. Stuff happened, and I... Almost did unforgiveable acts to myself later that night >_< But, I didn't. And, last night I made her a better cake, and gave her the proper night she deserved.

(End) So, there's some stuff. There are details I'm probably leaving out, but this took all of the delay to type, so... ^^; Byee. I've got a swim meet today. My last swim meet as a high school student. Wish us luck. I'm out ^^

P.S.: If I owe you art stuff, thanks for reading the entire thing, and remind me ^^
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Well, you see, God throws trials and tribulations our way so we can grow in our love and faith. If everything went smoothly all the time, we'd take him for granted, and act in the earthly ways we wanted to all the time. Additionally, Satan has dominion over the earth, because Eve handed it over to him in the Garden of Eden.

Also, I was diagnosed with Aspergers myself when I was younger. I had trouble focusing on things, and giving in to curisity and imagination a lot, when there was schoolwork to be done. To this day, I have trouble retaining spoken instructions, and need them in written form that I can look at at any time. I used to be unable to read facial cues, I'm getting better in that area though.
6 years, 1 month ago
And... Interesting.

Also interesting.
6 years, 1 month ago
I know you did not ask for OUR opinion, but as an Agnostic, I have a bone to pick with the bible (okay, many)

really? taking the bible at face value?  http://biblebabble.curbjaw.com/laws.htm if we did, we would have to be lashed for wearing the clothes we do and cutting hair and shaving is granting us a place in hell!

if you study story, you realize every single religious system and  their books and laws while originally noble, ended up serving political prupouses,  they are nothing but control means to serve the churches who founded them and helped them gain power.

now, I do believe in God, and I believe the saints are a wonderful example of how to live our lifes, they clearly are humans who set an example, and this universe definitely feels a little less cold knowing there's a being out there that watches over it all,  yet, God watches over us with the laws of nature, simple as that, we where given free will precisely to be FREE,  people die, people get sick not because God is mean, it's just the way is, and if bad things happen is because people CHOOSE it to be that way.

(by the way, it's written DSM-V ) officially recogniced or not, we know it is a valid condition and you should take pride in it because it clearly shows you have a lot of potential in many fields (as I'm sure you are well aware with your math skills!)

also, I can't quite place where I read that study, but humans evolved that way, estrogen hormones sharpen your perceptions to colours (mostly because women tend to be gatherers and their keen perception on colour helped them pick the right fruits) while testosterone hormones sharpen your 3d perception, what with the whole men being hunters and requiring fast reflexes, and yes, they are mutually exclusive, if you have colour perception you have bad spacial skills, if you mix up colours, you must be good at spacial thinking
6 years, 1 month ago
Even more stuff in here ^^; I don't take the Bible at face value. Each book is the product of the culture that produced each individual story, and I do realize that some books are political control or political criticism. Though, I still believe in God and Jesus and all that ^^

And, I see... DSM-V...

And, interesting ^^ I forget; do you have studies in the field of Psychology? ^^;
6 years, 1 month ago
hahaha, No, I don't have a degree

yet, my sister studied psychology when I was in elementary school, my mother studied psychology when I was in junior high, she has a Master's degree on familiar psychology and another in addictions,  my best friend graduated from psychology with criminalistic specialization last year and as of now, my girlfriend is studying psychology, so, I have lived my fair share hearing them yap about it and now and then reading their books out of boredom
6 years, 1 month ago
XD Fun ^^
6 years, 1 month ago
Your religion brings up some good comments and opinions, you know?
I guess I once told you why I believe in God. You can defend him until you can't anymore, at least you gave your best. Isn't like your brother can change your ways or religious views, only you can change them. Same thing for him.
I dig the Bible deep, as you know. God is loving and all that, sure, but he is also justice, specially in the OId Testment. Before Jesus, that is, before the book of Matthew, God was quite punitive. When he says something like "look at all people God killed before Matthew", tell him that they deserved. If your brother were to rule over the world, would he let their inhabitants spoil everything?
When Jesus came, he brought a reformation proposal. Rather than ephasing the punitive aspect of the Law, let's now ephatise the preventive aspect. If we love each other as ourselves, no one would need to cut the ear of the neighbor after they cut off yours. And forgiveness was introduced as replacement for punishment. But it doesn't mean that God will let people spoil the world even so. He gives them a time to repent and change their ways, because there will still be punishment, but after death, rather than in life.
6 years, 1 month ago
Hmm... Wow ^^; Some deep stuff in here, that I cannot reply to it all ^^;
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