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Yoshi's Island Achievement Suggestions?

So, my friends and I are trying to come up with some “achievements” for our ongoing co-op let's play of Yoshi's Island, and I was hoping some of you creative minds out there could help us.

The way the let's play works is, in every video, 2 levels are played. One by me, one by whatever friend happens to be at my house at the time, in no particular order. I'm keeping these videos no longer than 30 minutes tops, and if we exceed that, I cut the video down so it fits within that time. We each have to get at least 50 points in every level, so as to keep it from being too easy. Anyone who gets less than that has to redo the level.

Bear in mind a few things before you give me any suggestions for new achievements:

1. I want it to be of things that aren't very level-exclusive. For instance, fuzzies are only in a few levels, so I'm not doing more than one achievement with those, and it's still an achievement that you wouldn't have to purposefully go out of your way for.

2. I want everyone to have at least some chance of getting all these, even if they don't play that many levels.

3. I want these to be things that aren't way too easy to do.

4. I want these to be things that you don't have to legitimately go out of your way and TRY to do.

5. I want some of these to be based not on gameplay, but commentary.

6. I would like to have an even 100 achievements in total if possible. Right now I only have 80.

Here is the current list of achievements:

A Spitter is a Quitter – Use up all your watermelon seeds without hitting anything
Aaaand Cut – Take so long the video has to be cut
Alcoholic – Get hit by 5 Fuzzies in a level
Baby Come Back! - Counter goes down to 0
Bad Omen – First person to lose a life
Blue Balls – After all that hard work...
Butterfingers – Lose Mario 10 times in one level
Cheep Move – Get hit by a fish enemy 3 times
Classic – Kill 10+ enemies by jumping on them in one level
Classy Lady – Accidentally spit an enemy out
Crushed Dreams – Get crushed 3 times in a level
Damn Damn Damnit – Say “damn,” “dammit,” etc. 30 times in total
Death's Blessing – Lose 25 lives in total
Dehydration – Go through a water level without getting wet
Did I Get 'Em? - Throw an egg at nothing
Double Edged Sword – Let's call that one a draw
Eat Your Heart Out, Kamek – Manage a bonus without Kamek
Eating Disoder – Eat an enemy while you have 6 eggs
Everyone Else Was Doing It – Last person to lose a life
F for Effort – Get 49 points or less
Feather Frenzy – Get hit by a bird enemy 10 times in one level
Fiyah Ballz? YUM! - Die by lava and/or fire 3 times in a level
Flower Power – Get all 5 flowers in a level
Fried Eggs – Accidentally throw an egg in lava
Fucking Fuck Fuck – Say “fuck,” “fucking,” etc. 30 times in total
Fuck Having Kids – Throw the most of Yoshi's unborn babies in total
Fuck You, Kamek – Get Kamek first on a bonus
FUCKING BUBBLES!!! – Death by bubbles
Glitched the Glitch – What the...?
Gotta Break a Few Eggs... - Use up all your eggs trying to get an item
Grade A Parenting – Someone stole the baby
Here I Go! - Mario goes offscreen
How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes – Die by a pit 3 times in a level
Hungry Hungry Yoshis – Swallow 25 enemies in one level
Panic Attack – Avoid a hazard, and then get harmed by it due to panic
I Can't Stop Dying! - Lose 10 lives in total
I Never Liked Him Anyway - Hardly even attempt to get Mario back
I Studied – Get 100 points
I'm Afraid of Heights! - Fall in 20 pits total
I'm Filthy Stinkin' Rich! - Get a 1-Up for collecting 100 coins
It Wasn't My Fault! - Blame it on the controller
It's Just This One Part! – Die to the same exact thing 5 times
It's Not Supposed to Go at an Angle! - Get hit while in midair 10 times in one level
Language, Young Lady/Man! – Cuss more than anyone else
Like a Boss – Kill a boss without taking damage
Money Troubles – All that for a coin
Monkey Business – Get hit by monkeys 5 times in a level
Need for Speed – Speedrun the level
Nevermore – Get hit by a bird enemy 3 times in one level
Nice Place, I Think I'll Stay – Spend over 15 minutes in a level
Om Nom – Get crushed by two Chomp Rocks
Oral Exam – Get 69 points
Pipe Dream – Try going in 5 unusable pipes in a level
Pity Prize – Get the least achievements
Potty Mouth – Cuss more than 15 times in one video
Pro Skillz – Like a ninja
Pushy Pushy – Get pushed off a ledge by something
Ready, Aim, Fuck – Lemme try that again
Scat Fetish Much? - Say “shit” 20 times in total
Scrambled – Throw 20 eggs in one level
Seeing Stars – Collect unneeded stars
She Loves Me Not – Die trying to collect a flower
So Close... - Die trying to save Mario
Sodomization – The SIDE of the spike!
Sorry to Burst Your Bonus – Stars are in the very first balloon Bandit pops
Sunny Side Up – Throw 35 eggs in one level
Target Malpractice – Stand and wait to get hit
That Mini Heart Attack – Avoid death by 1 pixel
That Takes Skill - Play so badly it physically hurts the person not playing
The Chumpion – Die more than anyone else
Two Times in a Row, Man! – Die the same way twice in a row
Voraphile – Get eaten by a Pirahna Plant twice in one level
What Now? - Make the level impossible to finish
What What – Jump on a Spear Guy
Who Needs Wings? - Fly for a bit without seeing the ground
Who Put That There? - Run right into a hazard
Wow – What an asshat
Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like Achievements... - Get the most achievements
You Again?! - Get hit multiple times by the same enemy
You Shall Not Pass – Finish a level with less than 70 points
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