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Fursona pondering

So after many years of thinking I finally made a list of animals of what my hypotetical fursona might be. And I needed a memory list of them anyway.


Eurasian Pygmy Owl
Little Owl (or maybe a mix between these two?)

Robert Merten's day gecko (I love reptiles so much..! This would be excellent.)


Woodland dormouse (I think I might actually scrap this option. Too cute.)


Bay cat
Flat-headed cat (or! or... a mix.)

Slender mongoose

Banded palm civet


Gray mouse lemur

Pygmy marmoset (now THIS would be perfect, since my chinese horoscope is monkey. And it's small.)

Common genet


Goat (because goats are simply amazing. Finnish Landrace, pygmy goat or kri-kri would be neat.)

Blue-spotted salamander

White-nosed coati

Water deer


Aaaaagh I can't decide. I don't want it to be canine cause they're everywhere and I'm not "canine-like" when it comes to my personality. Sigh.

Well. If I'm really unoriginal it's gonna be one of those cheesy shapeshifters... Or then it's gonna be miniature schnauzer/soft-coated wheaten terrier/Basset Fauve de Bretagne-mix or something... But the ONE thing I know is that I'm most likely gonna call it Ruru or Rara or something dorky like that. 8'D HMMM.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Goat goat goat!!!! But hehe, you need to feel deep inside what you wish to become. I know a certain Fennec Demon Muse with around fifty different characters. So having a few and having many is equally well, normal?
6 years, 5 months ago
True, true.
 Whoa, 50? If I end up making a shape shifter I probably pick 3-6 species or something. Having too much would go out of control.
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