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I have been doing daily gaming live streams on www.twitch.tv for about a year now and I've noticed this one re-occurring theme when i view other folks' casts. Is it really -such- a big deal for a game to feature an anthro character in their cast, whether it's one or two, or if the entire cast are anthro characters? If memory serves right, back in the past a good 70% of games HAVE had these characters sprinkled around within ALL games in some way shape or form, yet today an RPG with the entire cast being human and one fur wearing tribal style garb is considered "Pandering to furries" A cast of big tittied girls giggling and doing nothing but repeated cleavage shots, panty shots and scantily clad clothing is fine but it's a huge problem when anthros are fully clothed?

One broadcaster used Final Fantasy as an example for "Finding a character that he could relate to." His claims were that he could relate with -every- other final fantasy protagonist except Zidane, quote "I just can't relate to a furry."

The way I saw it-
FF1: You can relate to taking orders from everyone,
FF2: You can relate to bringing down the government,
FF3: You can relate to setting out to risk your life over what some rock told you to do
FF4: You can relate to being a murderer then suddenly seeing the light
FF5: You can relate to being some random person who does whatever the hell he wants with a harem of girls AND AN OLD MAN
FF6: You can relate to being a magic user HUNTED by an evil empire
FF7: You can relate to just being all emo and bland because your dark side is trying to kill you
FF8: You Relate to having strange Dreams where you are someone else and you meet your son/Father

(please note that these are based on my opinions of the main characters and they probably aren't the proper view)

But you CAN'T relate to being in love,being depressed for a little while after that love dissolves, but to bounce back from it? Only because the character has a monkey tail? Seriously?

I know this is more of a complaint rather than something meaningful to read. I'm just annoyed that my interest seems to be easily demonized in more things as time goes along. I guess what i mean to say is that it shouldn't hurt to attempt to educate people on how the furry fandom isn't -ALL- perverted...even though it's a long shot ...
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