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A Tech Question...

I know, I know... a tech question from a guy many normally turn to for tech help. Weird but not unheard of.

My question is actually a hardware one. I don't have a drawing tablet so al the digital work I do is with a mouse. I've been meaning to change this for years. Try as I might, I can't overcome the disconnect that happens with a standard drawing tablet. My mind doesn't function well like that. I'm damned quick on a touchscreen though. That ability to see what I'm drawing underneath my hands helps me get things done without doing mental acrobatics to work.

I do have a nice screen - an old NEC resistive screen - that I was practicing coloring on but every Windows update forces me to reinstall the drivers and recalibrate the whole thing again. I lose a half a day to this stuff every update. I need a better solution. One that won't kill my already non-existent budget. Cintiqs - as nifty as they are - have more drawbacks than just their price. Searching for info on non-Wacom brands proves frustrating at best as folks think using anything but Wacom is crazy. I'm pretty much done digging through "Nerd Fights" trying to find a decent answer. -.-

No... I plan on going a different route and looking into cheap Tablet PCs and Android devices. Specifically ones with functional digitizers. This is where you folks come in. Any of you have any good opinions/leads/first-hand experience with honest to goodness Tablet PCs or Android devices with digitizers?

You might be wondering why I'm not asking opinions about iPads and the like. Though I can just as easily save up for those, they still lack a proper pressure-sensitive stylus. Technically, I already have that in my current screen (when a Windows update hasn't destroyed my settings) and I'm looking for an upgrade.

So yeah... any advice folks can toss my way would be fantastic. = )
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