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01. Lost your virginity?
   Still a virgin i keep it locked in a safe that no one has password to.... not even me >.>

02. Lost someone close to you?
   I lost my dad on 6-5-06 (1 day before 666) he was very religious so I see it as god wanted him home before that day.

03. Consumed alcohol?
   yeah I'm actually having  a beer right now

04. Received a kiss?
    Ashley Baber when I was 12

05. Went to the hospital?
   Many times. worst was in 2002 or 2003 my diabetes got out of hand and I was so sick i could not walk 10 feet with out gasping for air. I went to the hospital and was immeaditly rushed to ICU and put on IV's and pure oxygen. I was informed had I waited 24 more hours i would be dead.

06. Had a broken heart?
    yes >.> fucking kid posing as a girl i had talked with a while and really liked (alny). she was to shy to talk on the phone or send her picture (she said because of insecurities) I was willing to wait tho. then HIS dad told me his 10 year old son was getting into the chat rooms and to please help keep him away (adult themed room) I was so fucking pissed I swore that day to never love again and to this day I am to scared to be used again I wont open up and try and find some one to love.  

07. Lost a pet?
   many. jabber jaw - run over, tigger - fell from tree (landed on neck not feet), sam - mauled by a raccoon, tiger - leukemia, list goes on I've lost close to 2 dozen pets since i was a kid

08. Got arrested?
   Domestic assault in 98. got in a fight with my brother who was kicking my ass (he's the fighter not me) so i grabbed a knife and pressed it to his throat to stop the fight. ended up leaving a inch long cut in his neck (told folks i cut my brothers throat in jail they left me alone lol) I served 20 days jail time 120 hours community service and 6 months anger management.

09. Broke a bone?
   Yeah busted my nose in a mosh pit at a papa roach concert. went to the bathroom plugged my nose and went right back into the pit lol. yeah I am a glutton for punishment.

10. Got a job?
    2 I work an average of 12 hours a day 5 days a week and 5 hours the sixth. tho right now doing 6 12 hour days and a 5 hour day

11. Got a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  Nope. i have no idea how to socialize and as said in question 6 I just can't take another broken heart.

12. Went to a concert?
    OHHH YEAH. been to about 100 total. seen bands like tool, NIN, slipknot, papa roach, hatebreed, ICP, drop kick murphey's, Ozzy, Slash, korn, disturbd, staind, god smack, metallica, AFI, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, megadeth, Judest priest, yeah the list goes on. my record was 3 concerts in a week. i lived 2 blocks from a concert hall and 4 from work so I'd go to the concert then to work.

13. Met someone famous?
    not really.. I have shook hands with the bass player of drownng pool, my darkest days lead singer, shook rob zombie's hand at a slayer zombie show. been on stage singing with lead singer of opiate for the masses, and on stage with drop kick murphey's. and talked a bit with mike (lead singer) from red. but never sat down and talked with them. so I have met famous folks but not on a personal level

14. Got in a car wreck?
    as a kid car got hit from behind and nearly sent off a cliff to the bay below. and as an adult I took out a sign post when my mom and dads 20oz coffee's fell onto my feet leaving 4th degree burns.

15. Dyed your hair?
   yes back in 2000, 2002 I dyed it black as i went thru my goth faze. even to this day I only wear black lol

16. Flew on an airplane?
   I am afraid of heights so no. but I do want to one day

17. Went to another state/province?
   Yes Nevada and Washington. Born in WA moved to NV then back to WA and then back to NV and now in washington

18. Went across the country?
    nope just along the west coast

19. Went to another country?
   Nope too broke for it. had the chance to go to Australia as a kid but couldn't afford the exchange student fee (would of been paid for but needed like $200 to go)

20. Got a tattoo?
   Nope. I want one but have no idea what to get. as a kid i did draw bright eyes (pound puppies) naked on my leg and have inked Arc on my arm with a sharpie.

21. Had a piercing?
   I pierced the back of my throat when i fell onto a pipe... that count?

22. Smoked pot?
   hell yes lol. I love pot its so relaxing. but I gave it up 4-20-07 when cops busted in after I had just gotten high. it was for an eviction notice and the cop was cool about not busting us for the pot smoke.

23. Smoked a cigarette?
   when i was 13 I tried 4. a marlboro, wiston, camel, and newport. didn't understand the point of coughing  with no benifiet so i stuck with weed which gave a great buzz

24. Went to Disney Land or World?
   ehh heh.... I'm (or at least was) banned for looking up minnie's dress. I was curious as a kid sue me.

25. Had A Long term relationship?
  Nope. last girlfriend (real one) was Ashley when i was 12 I am now 34. that only lasted about a year till we moved.

26. Dated somebody of another race?
   I've only had 1 GF in my whole life and she was white. a sexy white tomboy. so no

27. Passed out from drinking
   MANY times. I've head-desked too many times to count.

28. Became a furry?
   damn... I don't know really. I've always had an attraction to toons even as a child but I'd say around maybe 10 - 8 years old. I first started drawing it when i was 12. I remember crying myself to sleep for being such a horrible freak because i was the only one in the world attracted to fictional characters. thank god for the internet. granted I spent nearly a decade (8 years) till I found out in 97 what my attraction was called and that i wasn't the only one that felt this way.

29. Went to your first non business / work related convention?
   none but i hope to one day when i can get time off. I'm looking to get to everfree northwest this year and hope to meet some of the show's (MLP:FiM) cast.
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6 years, 2 months ago
-Breaks out the lockpicks-- who needs a code for #1 :p
6 years, 2 months ago
hmm that could work, I was thinking 2 tons of C4 but picking the lock may be less... messy. ^^
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