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Need help from people

About two or three weeks ago I posted my latest story onto AGNPH (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5252664). After only about a day I got this message from Shiguya.

"This kind of post belongs in the forums, not here. It is a collection of stand-up comic lines, small puns about the series, and a generally disconnected assortment of random humor, not a story. Please remove it within the next 48 hours, or it will be removed as spam and you will receive a warning. Consider this an unofficial warning. ~ Flygon, Proteus, and Shiguya"

Naturally I disagreed and sent this reply.

"It's not just a collection of small puns, the starting and ending contain small unrelated sections but the middle does follow on itself. It has enough of a story and in any case, only being the first chapter, hasn't had time to develop anything major. It's perfectly appropriate for the story section."

That got ignored however and the story was taken down. I tried further to get the story restored and found out that it was Flygon's decision to have the story removed, one that I was assured was only to do with the lack of storyline.

"This is not a personal Vendetta. This is simply due to the fact that the material in question posted did not qualify much as a story"

My problem with this reason was that it just does not stand up. The amount of storyline has never been an issue with AGNPH before. For one thing AGNPH was set up as an archive that is meant to collect all pokemon porn (as well as accepting clean work) and, although the story section does not operate in the same free posting manner as the gallery, it is still part of the archive mindset, something Shiguya has recognised before.

"It shows how much you can improve in 3 years actually also -as much as I dislike it- I'll have to bring up the dreaded 'agnph is an archive, not a gallery' argument up again in this context.
We don't delete pictures just because they're old and not as pretty as the recent stuff."

"It's an archive for posting Pokemon pornography stories."

To support my point I also linked to a number of stories with even less storyline than mine that are still one the site.
Firstly there was the historical example of one of Cubone's works (http://agnph.com/fics/viewstory.php?sid=355&chapter=1) which I was told they were planning on removing. Why it's taken them a number of weeks to do it is a strange question then, one that was not answered.
I also brought up the hypocritical example. Scystorm's story (http://agnph.com/fics/viewstory.php?sid=901&chapter=1). As much as I love this story there is no way you can argue for it having any kind of storyline but, despite the exact flaw that my story was supposed removed for, that story wound up being one of the featured stories.
Lastly I used a personal example, one of Flygon's own stories (http://agnph.com/fics/viewstory.php?sid=2924&chapt...) which also has no plot to speak of.
The only response I received on the examples was that they had been thinking of deleting Cubone's work.

Lastly I tried to find out how they were going to be judging storyline. It was particularly confusing considering there are many examples on the site of stories without a plot and this is the first I know of any story being removed due to lacking one. The response to that question was just that I must stop asking questions.

So now I've had little success in getting any straight answers, only vague and unsatisfactory explanations that my story didn't have a story. If this was applied to all stories then I could accept it, even though it constitutes a major change in the site's focus, but I've seen no evidence of that. So all I know is that my story was in no way exceptional in terms of plot and was breaking none of the site rules.

As a last resort I'm now asking for help from people reading this. I'm hoping you support me in this and will be willing to send a message to Flygon asking for the restoration of my story.
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