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Legal advice wanted, please!

Hey folks.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada recently had a minor (HUGE) cockup whereby the personal information - including social insurance information - was leaked for students who had obtained student loans between 2001 and 2006. That's about 583,000 people. For comparison, that more students than the total population of my province (514,000).

Of course, when you have a large number of clients like that, lawyers who want to get very, very rich are going to file a class action lawsuit. And so they have!

Basically, my question is this: what do I have to gain or lose by getting involved in this situation? If I could get some cash for submitting my information, then fine. But if there's nothing about this that benefits me, I'd prefer not to help some lawyer make millions of dollars from my compromised information.

Keep in mind, this is >Canadian<, and while our legal system is very similar to the American one, there are still differences. So if you know someone who has a decent bit of knowledge of the process up here, or can point me to some handy resources, that'd be awesome.

Thanks you guys!
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6 years ago
Well, Here's something to think about. Lets say you become part of it and share in the award. Now lets say they manage to get 20 million or so for something like this (I'm betting it won't be that big, but it could be). Now, once the lawyers get there cut, it gets divided amongst everyone. So your little share in the lawsuit which could take years if they want to drag it out would be about $25 give or take.

So while I don't know how it will work out with your situation, Just remember the amount you will get won't be some big bonanza. And you may not see anything for a year at least or longer.

As for down sides, not sure what they might be. If you joined the suit, you would be entitled to your share of the money. In many cases, at least in situations i've been in, You might get something in the mail asking you to be part of the lawsuit, and in some cases you might just be added automatically unless you send them a letter saying you don't want to do that and you want to sue them on your own. In which case, you do nothing but wait.

My personal advice is see if you can find a lawyer in your local area that would be willing to answer the question for free (Not so easy to do).

Sorry to hear this happened to you. Hope things get sorted out.
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