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Question for the viewers:

We have been discussing about some things, getting ready for AC and what not since the first shoot is coming to a close within the next 20 pages (18 to be exact).

If we were to make copies on CDs and PRINTED copies of the comic, would you guys purchase it?  I know it's free.

Another thing, if we were to OPEN cameos in the comic for people to buy a spot...would some of you be interested? Of course we will still do random selections for other spots so it's NOT just those who can afford it :)

Now this isn't concrete, just throwing ideas out there.  If any of you have ideas of what you would actually want in terms of merchandise about the comic, let us hear 'em! :3

We have been working hard on this comic and have been thinking about these questions.  EasySpark and Mydnytedragon are both college students with very busy schedules while Lightdevil is busy with her job.  The three of us sometimes barely make the cut for the week's submissions due to our busy lifestyles and well...it gets pretty stressful! lol

Also...if anyone wants to donate to keep this comic free and running for everyone (also provides us with GOOD motivation) it's much appreciated! :D  We want to keep this free for everyone, but hey...let's face it...it's human nature, incentives produce results! xD

We love the fact many of you love the comic as you do.  The economy is worsening in the US and many other places worldwide.  So if any are willing to donate (especially if we are to make physical copies of the comic) anything is welcomed :3

>>> Germees.Productions@gmail.com <<<

Thank you all for your support and we hope to continue creating this comic for all your enjoyment!

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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
I'd personally recommend against printing Behind the Lens. At the least, I'd suggest deciding first how many copies of the comic you'd be perfectly happy to risk never selling. It's not that no one would buy it, but rather that I worry that a lot of people who would, simply can't for various reasons. Sometimes life happens and that spare $50 had to help cover a new tire, or some such. Don't get me wrong, it would be great to see the comic in a physical form, but I'd expect it would end up a much bigger hassle than necessary, so it's just going to stay as something I wouldn't recommend.

However you decide to go about things, though, I wish you all the best of luck, love the comic so far, and hope to see it continue!
8 years ago
a digital download was always an option but at that there is also the risk of people simply uploading it for others to view without support.  There was another idea thrown out by making it a kind of...paysite thing...nothing outlandish like Hard Blush or ADM, we're just unsure atm xD;
8 years ago
I believe I already mentioned a while back, that I would love to buy the physical copy of the comic and I stand by that. ^^ There's no chance I'll be at AC or any other American-based con, though, so if you're just going to sell them there, then I won't be able to get them.

As for buying a spot in the comic, well I can definitely imagine doing that, since that would be pretty darn awesome. Being in a really cool comic, drawn by awesome artists (and no I'm not trying to suck up to you guys here, I really -do- think the comic is awesome), would be a pretty nice character reference. ^^
8 years ago
why do i think your copy would be soiled after a week.....2 copies...u must buy 2 copies  =D
8 years ago
*smirks* Well yeah.. It probably would be, so maybe you're right. ;)
8 years ago
Well, I always think that good work must deserve some kind of recognition, as a little tap in the shoulder =3,  monetary contribution, or at least, putting it on your 'favorites' list.

If I were at the AC and I saw it, if it have the whole story, and if I can afford it, I would buy it. But I'm new at this and I still don't know *what the hell* is the AC, maybe some kind of Con. Unfortunately I don't live in the US, and it will be difficult for me to be in there.

But I think your merchandise can be a "should-buy-it", if it have extra material, some alternative endings that couldn't be available in the online version, or a "Behind the Lens" Behind the comic (hahaha), Rusty's stamped t-shirts, Ria's Lollipops...

Personally, I would like a printed version, signed by the artists. =3

Regards, *hugs* and Good luck in the "AC".
8 years ago
We would do what we could for those not in the country as well, don't want to just make it US available only.  We know people in Europe and mailing is never a problem.  Thoughts of digital is also a consideration, downloading a pack instead.  and yes they would include extras that wouldn't otherwise be seen :3
8 years ago
Excellent!! I'll be waiting for further notices...
Good luck...
8 years ago
I'd buy one if I could afford it! >_<; I'm unemployed currently and looking for work. But I do like what you're sharing with us so I'll donate a little something for ya. =3 Thanks for sharing!
8 years ago
I'll keep this short:

I believe all of those ideas would be grand.
8 years ago
Personally I would purchase a cameo on the comic but I'm a little low On funds at the current time
8 years ago
As I understand it, the free online webcomic is essentialy advertising for when you want to sell the collected print volumes.  So I say if you can afford it, print some copies off.

I would avoid the digital route for now, save that until you have several "shoots" done and don't want to reprint earlier issues anymore, if that makes sense.
8 years ago
Ive been downloading the comic from each page coming out and i think a full digital copy o all the pages in full quality could be good :3 since i noticed pages one is full sized then the rest got resized.
Also i would be interested to buy a spot in the comic if you opened one up, Ive actually  been thinking about that a little while back, never got around to asking though. but yeah, they are great ideas and ive been sharing the word about the comic to others since its so great :3
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