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Ohoho I am so out of fucks :D (Big journal about Siraj!)

I've made a big change to Siraj that many of you already know about that'll probably de-boner plenty of people. But just... I don't care anymore l3 I'm so sick of feeling like I have to make myself out to be what's appealing to other people or considered ok; I just want what I want for once :I And everyone who doesn't like it can just sit and spin >8C

I dunno what spurred me to type this up l3c I made the decision pretty long ago, just recently tossed it at people. I guess the only fuck I give is related to one person :I;; But... oh well, I need to be me, not what he might like @.@;

...ok, fine, I was about to post this, but I was like, what's even the point if noone knows what it is >:I Plus I'm exhausted from cleaning and really need to spend something that DOESN'T involve being on my knees right now.

https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9578312/  This change was minor and already public, just an ear style change; they're more like long, slender lapine ears with some roo qualities.

Anywho, ja, the thing I was talking about https://www.furaffinity.net/view/6308895/  I'm modifying these to be wingarms; Siraj will lack a thumb on them and they'll just be sort of like... wyvern arms. Why? Because his arms always bugged me, I can't draw hands for shit, and I really loved having wingarms back when my 'sona was a wyvern(It was, in fact, the BIG appeal for me). This also adds in some minor body tweaks: His hoofpaws are going to be altered a bit to be very dextrous while still being hoofpaws, and his tail will probably be longer and thicker as he'll balance himself on it to manipulate stuff with his hoofpaws.

Which, this will definitely lead into some wicked awesome footpaw kink stuff as well as like... being able to stomp, kick, and squeeze balls with his toes(Because ballbusting's pretty damn hot, can't lie). It will also work to explain some odd biological aspects, such as his body size, adding in more monster to my anthro/feral/monster mix, why his tail is so long, the point of having sort of rubbery, tough toes(Getting a foothold on stuff and also great for traction), and, to some extent, his big, huge dong.

And, yes, I will be satisfied with this :I His ears and arms were the last things really bugging me. I never mentioned the arm thing because... well, couldn't think of a good way of making up for it until I thought of the footpaw stuff and such.

>.> Even though I don't really care a ton at this point, I still hope people like it :C;; Never anything bad about getting good feedback x_x;
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