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Holidays suck

Finally the holidays are over! Ugh, been stuck at my house for the holidays and dealing with my family. Like every year, it's always a hassle since it grinds everything I'm doing to a screeching halt from late December into mid January. Luckily the weather hasn't been too bad besides a little bit of snow. Like I was figuring, both of my brothers moved back in just long enough to get Christmas handouts before moving back out. You can guess what they wasted their Christmas money on again this year. It's a sad state of affairs but some things never change.

I did get something for Christmas that I got a few years back for my birthday (and it only lasted for a few days) and I'm not being fooled by it again. Can you guess what it is? Admiral Ackbar knows exactly what it is and it is much faster than what I used to have. If you guessed fast internet than you are correct!  I have really fast internet for the time being at my house, fast enough for me to even play games online. My mom bought it, like last time, in hopes of being able to keep me (and my computer as well) cooped up here indefinitely since I'm always leaving over to Professor Awesome's house. I already know it isn't going to last since my mother is getting more and more crazy with her spending. I know she can't afford it but she's already thinking about getting Netflix as well. Remember that big loan she cosigned on for my aunt last year? I know she isn't making payments on it anymore and is choosing to ignore it, probably thinking my dad and his infinite magic money is going to pay for it. It's easy to spend money that isn't yours and rack up bills that you don't have to pay immediately and I fear (well, sorta as it isn't MY problem exactly, I have my own life) she's going to hurtle the family straight into bankruptcy with this fiscal inanity. It's a wonder she isn't working in the US government. Relevant political jokes, ho!

So I know the fast internet isn't going to last, just like last time, and I know what its true purpose is and it isn't doing much for tempting me to stay here and do nothing with my life. It's just a matter of time before the first bill comes in. I'm already suspicious that there may be a data limit on the plan like last time and my mom just acted on a whim and didn't read the fine print. Either way, I don't care and I got better stuff to do. It was a pain when my mom went and made the attempt to get better internet as it involved switching phone companies and our original phone company wasn't very happy to see us leaving their business. They purposely didn't switch us over to and left us in no-phone limbo even though we were now getting our phone service with another company. After much pestering, they finally did what they were supposed to do instead of acting like spiteful spoiled children but we had to go a week without phone despite the fact we were paying for it.

I spent some time over at my sister's house while the phone was out. If I ever need a place to live other than the family residence, I'm now welcome to live over with there with her and her fiance. I did this for a little while to see what it would be like and it has some clear pros and some clear cons. It's great being away from the house though having an infant and a two-year-old to deal with is extremely stressful. My nephew Isaac is going through the terrible two's with emphasis on terrible. I had trouble sleeping with all the commotion but that was to be expected I suppose. It's still not an ideal place as that would be 100% my own home but at least it's another place to live should it become necessary. It was a worthwhile test staying over there for a week though I couldn't get anything done there either. At least the atmosphere was more supporting in finding me some employment than what I got back hope with my parents purposely making sure I don't become independent. I still haven't had any luck getting employment but some of the leads my sister found were really good though none of them netted me even an interview. Her fiance has a few possible leads with former places he has worked so some of them should be worth a try and he would make a good reference too at those places. Professor Awesome found a job lead at a local library but nothing came out of that one either. Would have been cool to work there!

In a few days, I'll be leaving again to go back over to Professor Awesome's house to get back to doing some art work. Right when I was starting to get some done last time I get hit with the obligatory family holidays crap but thankfully that is all over and I can get out of here again. I've been itching to do some art REALLY BAD for the past few weeks but whether it is my parents, my brothers, or my sister's children, or job hunting, I haven't been able to do much of anything in that department.

When I do make my return to Professor Awesome's house, I'm contemplating on focusing art-wise on nothing but making new Demordicai Diamonds pages at least until Chapter 2 is finished. My goal would be two pages a week (which I have done before a few times in the past). I know, you're probably thinking it is never going to happen but I'm willing to give it a devoted shot. After Chapter 2 is finished, I'll probably take a small hiatus while me and Professor Awesome go more in-depth with the script for Chapter 3. It's been so long since the story was at Chapter 3 from our point of view (about 5 or 6 years) so we got a lot to go over again, tweak, and finalize.

Like usual, me and Professor Awesome have been working more on the story for Demordicai Diamonds in the past few weeks (and why the lack of a phone sucked really bad because there goes my line of contact). It's been a long while but we've finally had another big fight scene again, this one being a flashy sorcery battle and those have been exceptionally rare so far in Demordicai Diamonds. It ended with an abduction and plenty of camping with no marshmallows. Besides story, we've also been working on the Rhialto race and brainstorming on their culture, societies, and homelands. I need to do some concept art of them, I don't think I've done any whatsoever of them! Maybe that will be a good project to get into between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

I hope to be outta here and back to Professor Awesome's house around this coming weekend if at all possible. No holidays, birthdays, or any other special events in the near foreseeable future to distract me so all things look good to go. I've even gotten a little bit of a head start on DD70...and holy shit am I rusty at comic work. Lol, who cares?! I got Chapter 2 to finish!
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