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6 New Girls: The Seiki Senshis


Through mysterious circumstances as of yet unwritten, six promiscuous girls in Neko's homeroom have mysterious powers intrinsically tied to his ridiculous stamina (among other oversized things) turning them into the Seiki Senshis!

From left to right:

Niamh /Neve/ the rat is Seiki Yellow, a skilled practitioner of jeet kun do and a master with the banana-chucks as well as having a penchant for racing stripes! She's also the bustiest member of the Seiki Senshis.
Selkie the Selkirk cat is Seiki Pink, skilled in the use of the conch of blowing! Her only real defense is her addictive fur which releases a massive flood of endorphines with a single stroke--which is also the reason why she's called Seiki Yogurt.
Yuka the jerboa is Seiki Red and the leader of the group--natch--wielding the massive applesaucer maul. She is embarrassed at having the smallest breasts of the girls.
Conny the rabbit is Seiki Orange, wielding the powerful flamejuicer and may or not be slightly ax-crazy.
Yaris the Abyssinian cat, Seiki Green and wielder of the rindshield and most likely to bash someone in the face just because she's amused by the clang.

And last but not least is
Tallulah the (spaniel?) dog, Seiki Blue, second bustiest with the berryblueshooter minigun which is a chaingun that shoots blueberries or alternatively can shoot one really big blueberry. Because bitches love cannons!
Together they thwart the plots of Seiki Gray to do stuff that's really really bad probably! Led by their sexy and intrepid teacher Yamaneko Sougi and his lovely assistant Miss Mattie, they make amateur porn videos for the amusement of internet perverts worldwide!

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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
i like yuka  the most
6 years, 2 months ago
I have no idea what any of this means, but...uh...cool.
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