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What a load of crap

Well the bunny is having a great week.... Remember how I had surgery on my back.... well we have to do it again same thing needs to be removed but in a different spot.   Closer to my shoulder this time so it hurts to move my left arm and will for a while .  they drained it and I'm taking anti biotics until they can open me up.  FUN  FUN FUN

plus since it;'s the start of the quarter we all have 10 hours of mandatory over time.... that's normal I knew it was coming.   But then on top of that they decide we don't need days off at all so we get another 4 hours mandatory overtime but this time it has to be spread out across our days off.  I know it
s only 2 hours  a day but still...

I love being able to work from home but making us take calls from new campaigns we barely get training on, the insane call volume, the stupid scripting requirements  (no mater how pissed off the customer is or how long they've been waiting I have to "educate" them about something on the call),  the call handling requirments that seem designed to piss off customers,  (if we have to put some one on hold we are required to check back with them every 30 seconds,   on high vallume days it can take 5 minutes to get through to sup, or to an agent on the other departmetns for a transfer,  So tell me which ould you rather have happen some one puts you on hold and gets you to where you need to be or some one puts you on hold 20 times in a single call just to tell you it'll be 30 more seconds.  Pluss if your trying to talk the pissed off customer into letting you put them on hold for the upteenth time and your other line picks up before your get back to it odds are the other agent will hang up before your get back to them)   insane computer lag times..... (it doesn't matter if it takes your computer sometimes up to 5 minutes you can't have dead air,  and if you talk about anything other then the program it's points off your score, If you tell them the system is lagging it's points off your score,  If you try to Educate them and it turns out your education doesn't have anything to do with the reason they called its points off your score)   and to top it all off the people who call are fucking idiots.   "But I earned this 50 cents off a mars bar coupon,   how dare you tell me you can't give me another because it expired 3 years ago I'm never shopping at your business again..."  (I wish that example was as exagerated as it sounds... but I have had calls like that)

some days it's all I can do to wait untill after I'm off to start drinking

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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Eghad! Yeah, sometimes you have to wonder if the people in charge of administrating a call center like to smoke on a crack pipe every weekend before coming up with dumb fuck policies like that.  
6 years, 3 months ago
Ick! I know how it is. I worked at a call center for a year. I did basic tech support for businesses. I never drank a day in my life until I started working in a call center. I could go on and on about the things I've seen. I literally had a break down and tried to check myself into a place before work but I was turned down so I went back to work. It was my one year anniversary and when i got to my desk, I was told to sign off and go to a training room because apparently I had to teach a class because like 90% of the trainers were fired. I just clocked out and left XD

*hugs you extra tight* My advice: save your money and look for another job. Answering phones all day is soul-killing work.
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