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Possibly looking for a roommate!

My mate and I have found a new apartment to move to, and its possible and most likely we will be moving. What was once a factory, it's now one of those fancy refurbish apartments. Its two bedroom and all... so it is less than likely but its possible we are looking for roommates.

St. Louis, MO

If we are;
We are looking for someone trust worthy.
If they can't find a job to help with rent, they are willing to take just one or two hours out of the day to do chores. Not asking too much here.... they must be productive but they must find a job sooner or later.
We prefer sane people but if they are able to control their conditions, ok. No psychotic out bursts. If they can handle them self with medication they must be able to have access to their meds and doctors at all times. You must keep it together!
Have no intentions of self harm or harm others or harm house pets or damage to property. (if you do end up destroying your own property accident or on purpose please dispose of it or store it properly.)
If a dom they are willing to respect the sub of the house! *points to self* no consistent degrading slurs all the time! Once in awhile is okay.....
If Submissive they are willing not to bring random strangers in my home just to have sex with.
NO RANDOM STRANGERS! My past roommates did that and I had a few things stolen!
No illegal drugs or abusing OTC drugs! I do not care if you are a pot head, I will not tolerate it illegal drugs in your possession! I smoke weed too.... but I will only do it at someone else's place and you must be willing too.
Don't hog the TV all day! You can hog your own all you want when you get your own!
Willing to accept that their mate can stay for a week or two at a time but not live with them.
Hygienic, and cleanliness is a must. Skip a shower a day... okay.... Skip a shower for around a week NOT OKAY.
Will keep their room clean.
They will do their own laundry.... the apartment comes with its own washer and dryer but I am not your nanny to be washing your Whitey Tighties! this includes not leaving your clothing everywhere.
As a trial.
You can stay with us for 3 weeks... within those 3 weeks you must show some form of dedication not for us but for yourself.
Won't play music out loud but you can play all the loud games and music all you want if you get headphones.
11pm-7am is quiet time... You can be nocturnal You can play games or enjoy your entertainment all you like as long you use headphones or its simply low volume.
Must understand No means no! And leave us alone means we want to be alone. Sometimes when we work we deal with too much and we just want to be home to relax and not deal with anyone.
No jumping on our PCs WITHOUT permission and if given permission you can't download anything!!!

Why all these needs? Well lets just say trial and error from some past roommates!

What we will provide?
The number one rule under roofs we own is this: You starve yourself to death its your own damn fault. Fridge is open to anyone but take only what you need.
Your own space
Free use of laundry. I may say I am not your cleaning nanny but I so have skills to help you gain impression for and interview. If you need assistance on getting a job I will help you with that full on with 100% support.
A bed.
Internet, and we can provide you with an old PC if you do not have one.
If you do not have a vehicle I will kindly provide rides or get you a city and train pass.

What will we not provide!
Alcohol... we'll share it but we won't get it just for you. I am a communist like that when it comes to drinks.
Cellphones... BUT! Its possible if you pay a little extra we can get you a basic phone within our plan. Or I can give you my old one...
Your ride here.... I will pick you up from the airport, Amtrak train station, or bus station but if you live more than an hour away I can't. You are on your own on that both from and to.
Other thinks will come along when I can.... drunk on New years day....
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
I find all of your rules very acceptable =3 All of these pretty much just seem like common courtesy to me though, and things I do already xD *Flops*
I'm actually looking around, have a few offers from friends/furs to move in with them or stay in my current living situation. But where on earth do you guys live <.> not asking for specifics, just a general town and such. I've been thinking a lot about Buffalo, New York lately. And I currently live in Michigan ^^
6 years, 1 month ago
St. Louis, MO
6 years, 1 month ago
Ahhh, I see.
I'm always paranoid about the middle of the country because of the movie "Twister" xD
6 years, 1 month ago
I was like that too at first.... but the 7 years I have been here, I haven't seen one tornado. We do get very heavy storms, but not as bad as the southern areas.
6 years, 1 month ago
Damn...  I'm from just outside St. Louis and thought about moving back awhile back, but can't due to legal "complications" over the past couple of years.  Guess this will slip by as another missed opportunity for me to move back home...  *grumbles*
6 years, 1 month ago
Sorry to hear dude. Hope things turns out for the better for you, I really do. :C
6 years, 1 month ago
No worries...  Iowa has a bad habit of charging people on BS charges, then giving them an easy plea deal just so they'll get an easy conviction.  That's what happened to me.  *shrugs*  I'll be free and clear in a few more months and it'll all be behind me.

(btw, the Iron Man finger banging avatar cracks me up.)
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