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Question Time fuzzies!

this is a crosspost from FA, where the problem originates.

Like the journal title says its question time.

At what point is it proper form a persons patience to run dry when it comes to commissions? I certainly understand and have no issues with artists taking the time they need to complete commissioned work in the order it was taken. No issue there at all.... The issue I find myself dealing with lays at the point when you've been told the art/product (that being a starbucks cup insert/and a badge. $60 & $10 respectively) is complete, paid for it in advance, then doing nothing but waiting. Its been 7 months, with little information on the peices/product at all. Now, in all fairness, the artist in question did provide a "thanks for your patience" digital badge in return for the 6 month wait and a promise to keep me in the loop about it.
That was a month ago and I find myself wondering yet again about it. I dont mind waiting a reasonable amount of time, but in my opinion 7 months is a bit absurd when the art/insert is complete.
Should I just let it go and forget about it, writing it off as a loss or do I say something? I'd prefer not to make a mess of it all but at this point my patience has run out and I need advice and or options. Is there some way to approach this that prevents drama and butt hurt, cuz I just want the cup and the badge. No more, no less. From working customer service on the provider side I definately think somethings a lil wonky here but again... trying to avoid stuff, so any helpful or directional advice would be much appreciated.

No do not say send angry note/message...thats not happening. Been on the recieving end and it doesnt help, much less allow for open conversation.
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6 years ago
I am a firm believer in real life happening, sometimes more important stuff happens than doing furry art.   However when an artist takes on a commission I look at it like a job, if he or she agrees to take your money to give you something that is business deal and they should provide their services in a timely manor.  They should know how long each project they agree to do should take.

To me seven months is a bit too long of a wait, however there is very little you can do but spam their name all over the websites warning about their poor business actions.  This however usually turns out with allot of butt hurt on both sides, not to mention the people who will just automatically side with the artist just because they like his or her art.

There should be a web site set up to handle commissions for art projects, kind of like eBay with a ratting system for both artists and commissioners.   A place where you can look at an artists performance record with past commissioners.  Also an artist can look at the person commissioning him for other comments by other artists that have done art for them.  This way everyone can judge and negotiate a fair trade.  If an artist has a poor reputation for producing their art in a timely manor, a commissioner can fairly request to pay till work is done with in the time said artist promised.  An artist can look at a commissioners reputation for payment and decide if they want to trust them or insist on payment upfront.

Just some of my random thoughts.
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