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Gryphon Morph

A regal beast of myth and legend catches your eye, a gryphon of classic visage. A bit small even for a gryphoness, he's about the size of a wolf, measuring about two and a half feet at the shoulders. He possesses the head and wings of a bonelli's eagle mounted to the body of a lion, his beak yellow at it's base before darkening to black at it's curved tip. His head feathers start off as a fine dander behind his beak, morphing into actual feathers as they approach his neck, and plume into a thick ruff of avianess at his breast before feline fur takes over. Starting between his ears, and jutting down into the fur between his shoulderblades, felkami sports a mane of feathers reminscent of a horse's mane, their size slightly larger and bolder than his others.
His eyes are topaz blue pools above his beak, each sporting the vertical slit of a feline. His feathers themselves have a complex pattern, the base color being a dirty brown. The feathers of his mane are a patternless brown while the rest atop his head and neck sport an occasional white streak. Along his throat and chest, however, the white streaks are much more frequent, blurring the line between base and highlight under his throat. Crowning his head are a pair of ears befitting a lioness, their smooth arches coming to gentle tips- islands of brown fur in a sea of feathers. Starting where the feathers leave off is felkami's pelt, it's fur dual-toned with the familiar golden-brown of a lion above and a tan, almost white colored chest and belly below.
His tail is that of a lion, long and thin from his rump and ending in a puff of dirty brown fur. His hindlegs are classic for a matriarch of the savannah, powerful and strong, while his forelegs are more bird-like, the fur transforming into feathers at his elbows, then rapidly into the yellow-scaled legs of a bird- his talons tipped in black claws. The leading edges of his wings are covered in fine white with the underside of his marginals and coverts dark brown. The underside of his primary and secondary feathers are white with grey tips, while the tops of his wings are a solid dirty brown.
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