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Commssions: Open

(FurAffinity ruined the quality a bit. That and you might see a black background instead of transparent. Press F5 to refresh the page, so the transparency will take effect.)

~Bust: $5
~Waist Up: $10
~Full Body: $20
~Colour (Includes shading in colour. No flat colours or cell-shading): Add $5
~SpeedPaint: $25 to $35 (look below for details)

~Backgrounds: +0 for colored/transparent or +$10 for more detailed ones
`->Colored/Transparent: This is for no extra cost. (For colored, I will use plain colours, or color my own gradient to it. You choose the colors you want. You also choose the shape you'd like it to be, as well as the relative size of the shape to the drawing. Or you could just have the colour on the whole of the background. I can also place characters [colored or not] on a scroll background if you wish.)
`->Detailed: Add $10 to the cost. ('Detailed' Backgrounds are supposed to give a vague idea of where a character is when I draw them. I do most of the detail on the character itself though, as not to take away from the main focus. Examples can be found in my gallery.)

~Character Count: 2 characters doubles the character price. I do not go above two characters. (Bust: $5 turns to $10. Waist-Up $10 turns to $20. Full: $20 turns to $40.) Doubling characters also doubles color price $5 to $10.

~SpeedPaint Details: When you pick this option, you'll be slotted in for the next SpeedPaint day available (I do one SpeedPaint a day). You'll pay $25 for a full body character with colour (or my attempt at that in what I can do within one hour). It will only have a white background (like my other speedpaints) and -maybe- a simple background IF I have time to do so. You'll get the speedpaint as the final product for the $25 you paid. You also have a choice here; You may add an extra $10 (making the total $35) and I'll fix it up and give the fixed-up version to you as well. That would mean for $35 you get two drawings; The SpeedPaint and the fixed drawing from the SpeedPaint. After the SpeedPaint is done, I'll be uploading it immediately. Of course, I'll message you too, unless you request not to be messaged.
Rules: You must give me a picture reference (or two) of your character that best represents how they look. You cannot ask for two characters in the SpeedPaint. You cannot ask for a background, as that will be decided by me and time. You may decide to pay for both the SpeedPaint and the Re-Drawn SpeedPaint before I start. You may also decide to add $10 after I finish, but only for a limited time (I still have yet to decide on that time. Most likely a week or two). The title of the SpeedPaint will be of the day I drew it. The re-drawn SpeedPaint will have your character's name as the title (or what you request).

What I will do:
~Original Characters
~Avatars from different websites
~Feral (regular animals)
~Your own creations
~Anthro (scaly, furry, feathered, bug, or whatever)
~Human or any variation (elf, fairie, mermaid, orc)
~Natural (Artistic) Nudity
~Mild to dark blood and gore
~Fan Art
(Be wary when asking these of me, because I'm not very good at them, but I will attempt them)
~Mech or robotic things

What I will not do:
~Explicit scenes (porn)
~Explicit blood and gore

I will receive payment through paypal only, please. It's rather trustworthy.

I can also personally stream the commissions for you. While ordering something from me, just request it. I'll need your local time zone (examples EST, GMT, or -5, +10, or maybe even a major city near you), and I'll use a time converter on a website to figure out when best to stream for you!~ You might need to tell me when you'll be free as well. But yeah, don't hesitate to request; I'll do my best to make it possible. (Feedback is easier to get from you, the buyer, as well~)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!~

Purchasing from me means you agree to these conditions:
1.) You will not resell my work. They are for your personal use only.
2.) I still own the artwork. In saying this, I can show it as an example or use it to further advertise my own works. I will not sell your work to anyone else, however. Once made for you, they are also yours.
3.) You may place the art anywhere you want (including printing it). However, I highly recommend not uploading it to your own gallery. I would like people to favorite it off of my account, so I can continue to do more art for anyone else. (if you do upload it, PLEASE do link me and give me credit.)
4.) Reminds me, when you show it to others, do give me credit somewhere, please.~<3
5.) Do not save, show around, or sell any WIPs I show you. They are Works in Progress, and are not meant to be the final piece I sell to you.
6.) Enjoy please~<3
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