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Feelings of late!!!

I have been feeling really down and out lately . You've probably noticed i took down my page the past few days Ive been so emotional and depressed

I am lonely as i can get out not to mention jealous.

People that get Relationships while i have been single for close to 5 years while they just can go from a month without someone then they just find someone and boom. why cant that be me ?

Ive got like no friends no love ones around , everyday i feel less and less cared for and blown off and forgotten

I go to bed alone wake up alone feeling like no one wants me . People that said they cared or liked me don't even speak or even mention me

Its always been me that has to take care of people and help people so when it is going to be my turn to get that in return ?

I will be honest thoughts of Suicide have been in my head lately

This is all for now !!!
Thanks for Reading it means a lot to me if you did

- Cayde otter
- Matt
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
We could be friends.
And, as for the relationship thing, I have been in one, but it ended bad. I decided to not have relationships anymore. I know, you want someone to date and all, but maybe it's easier and better to get friends rather than lovers. And, as for those who get a mate or something in the blink of an eye, that kind of relationship usually ends as quickly. I don't know what goes through people's head, they are like "I'm single, I'll find a mate now" and then they do everything to be mates with someone who is often a new friend or even a complete stranger, essentially, people they don't know in depth. Those relationships end very fast. You should, first, have friends, of both genders, and let the feeling between you and them grow. Eventually, after a long time being friends with a special person you grew very fond of, you will feel like it would be better if you and them were more than friends. I really think that the relationships that last longer are those that are built slower. Young people get into relationships quickly, but tend to leave them before the first year.
6 years, 3 months ago
I know just how you feel. Everything you wrote is something i have experienced. And I have up and down days, seems like everyone has someone. But the reality is not like that. Even the fact that someone writes something doesnt even make it true. I have been single for... ever lols >.< If you ever feel like chatting or need some cheering up you add me on skype *hugs for support*  
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