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looking for sketch artist/illustrator for audio rants

So i am thinking of doing rants audio style n all that, IM A VERY BORED PERSON!

anyhow its all good and well however it is INCREDEBILLY BORING to just listen to a rant, so i am looking for an artist who can help bring abit of entertainment for folk to see.

basically something in the lines of this


SO it should really not be much work for the artist, i dont mind re-using already done poses and drawings and the only thing i require is Shadow anthro or feral havent decided, to be drawn in still pictures, with typical expressions.

like "shouting" "face palm" ok fine" "can you belive this" etc etc i think ya get the jisst.

Anyone up for it!? :3, oh and he should be talking to the screen of course. il give up more poses when someone is assigned for it but HONESTLY 3 rants tops then il probably have all i need " unless said person want to personlise for every rant witch would be the BOMB"

ONLY SERIOUS APPLICATIONS PLOX, and i am afraid i can not pay you, but hey people will see it n all and of course artist will be credited, it will be about everything and nothing, but Furry and adult topics will be featured too.

sooooooooooo anyone interested? as said only serious people, sense if you are accepted to do it , it has to be done..

How it is done is basically that i make an audio rant sent it over to said arist, and then the artist draws poses so much and many they feel look good and are inspired to do.

1. generic and re-usable poses are fine and dandy and what i look for.

2. Specilised ones are ADORED.

3. I might switch up the artists so there are several ones, "one for each rant" that would be interesting in style and could also work to promote artist.

Sense i can't pay i always try to give back in one way or an other ^^
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
What the hell?

That was actually pretty good. lol

Sorry I can't help you.
6 years ago
I could probably do it so long as it isn't feral T-T I suck at feral... look at my gallery and you can see if you likes and base your feral/anthro decision on that.
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