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That confessions meme thing

tagged meh.

Confession 1: Your biggest fear.
That no one will attend my funeral.

Confession 2: Worst Nightmare.
You mean the thing I'd dread the most, or the worst actual nightmare I've ever had? Either way, I think being trapped inside of a car sinking into water qualifies for both.

Confession 3: Something you wish you could forget.
Hmm...forgetting having been sexually harassed would be pretty jazzy. Or most of my childhood.

Confession 4: Best dream.
I do enjoy my furry dreams, when I have them. Though dreams where I go on dates wif my puppy definitely qualify here, also!

Confession 5: Favorite memory.
"Get in, losers! We're going shopping!" -Saturday, May 12, 2012

Confession 6: Worst experience.
Having fallen asleep at the wheel, waking up in time to swerve the wheel and then wrecking it. I still feel really scared when I recall that memory. If I hadn't swerved, I could very well have gone over a bridge and fallen about 75 feet into a harbor.

Confession 7: Biggest pet peeve.
Lots. In general, people who don't consider how their inattention and carelessness affect others (ie. slow or brainless drivers, mall saunterers, people who stand too close to luggage carousels).

Confession 8: Something you're paranoid about.
My friends finding something out about me as a reason to no longer be my friend.

Confession 9: What you thought of your current best friend when you met them.
: He's a singer. We must have more in common than that!
: my exact words: "SHOW ME YOUR COCK" (because he had jerked off 28 times in 24 hours and I figured it must be mashed to pulp by then)

Confession 10: Your strongest principle/belief.
Never compromise on yourself.

Confession 11: What annoys you the most.
Lots of tiny things. I try to talk myself down a lot.

Confession 12: Something you want to do before you die
Learn to not care about garnering people's approval0

Confession 13: Biggest regret.
Most of my 20's come to mind. Not standing up to being assaulted. Being cowed into a heterosexual relationship for 8 long, painful years. Pursuing music as a career and getting into debt. Trusting people I shouldn't have.

Confession 14: Hidden talent.
I'm fairly aware of most of my talents. At 5'6", though, one most people might not suspect is that I'm a pretty decent keeper.

Confession 15: Favorite thing about yourself.
I'm very hard on myself. As such, I don't allow myself to be proud of very much. I guess the thing I'm most proud of are the wonderful friends I've managed to surround myself with.

Confession 16: One thing you would change about yourself if you could.
Not be such a damn hairy beast.

Confession 17: Worst habit.
I'm very hard on myself. I emotionally spin out of control very quickly if I let myself. I swear a lot. I tend to prejudge people a lot if they identify as "religious." Schadenfreude.

Confession 18: Most important person in your life at the moment.
I have many important people in my life, and I'm fortunate to have them all.

Confession 19: A skill you wish you had.
I wish I could draw at all. Because I'm so terribly soured by the music scene, I don't feel like I have any artistic output anymore. But really, drawing is not something I can do. It's like there's a disconnect between my brain and my hand. Things just don't come out.

Confession 20: Biggest compliment you've ever received.
I've been told I have nice hands, soft nails, and pretty feet. I actually blushed.

Confession 21: What you hate most about society.
People who abuse their power and popularity to pick on others. In general, unfairness and people telling others what they can and cannot do.

Confession 22: Something that makes you cry.
Lots of things. Video game plots, music, stories, tragedies (particularly involving animals).

Confession 23: Something that makes you laugh.
I haven't had a good out-of-control belly laugh in a long time. Quick wit and sarcasm/deadpan definitely get me going, though. And this will sound bad, but the misfortune of people who have wronged me.

Confession 24: Most treasured possession.
Hard to answer. I guess I'd say my imagination. I'll always have that, no matter where I go or what happens to me.

Confession 25: Something no-one expected you to like.
Sushi. I basically ate it until I found some that I liked, because I'm pretty keen on Japan.

Confession 26: Strangest hobby.
Video games are really my only hobby.

Confession 27: Biggest ambition.
Work in the video game industry in some capacity (probably data analysis at this point).

Confession 28: Something stupid you used to believe in when you were younger.
That life is fair; that good is rewarded in kind; that your parents have your best interest in mind.

Confession 29: A random confession.
I have no idea how to properly trim my nails, so I always cut them down incredibly (sometimes painfully) short.

Confession 30: A few words to, honestly, describe yourself.
Sarcastic, prickly, guarded, loyal, caring, sincere.


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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
awww *huggles* this was cute
6 years, 1 month ago
• I never go to funerals because I don't like seeing people go. =/ I'd much rather remember all the happy times I've had with them in their life than mourn their death. I figure they would rather me be happy than sad.
• Trapped a in a car while sinking is a fairly common worry for people. They do have these devices that will blow out your window so you can swim to safety. Maybe you should get one of them? =3
• Sorry to hear about your harassment, and childhood. =/ Just remember that everything in your past helped make you who you are today.
• Where does that quote "Get it, losers! We're going shopping!" come from? =3
• I'm glad you didn't fall off that bridge. o.o; I bet you make sure you're more awake while driving now. [hugs]
• Pet peeve wise I really get annoyed with people who rush a elevator when they know people need to get off first. >_<
• If 'friends' stop being friends just from finding something out about you then they weren't a real friend to begin with.
• "Never compromise on yourself." Sounds similar to a quote I like "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
• Lots of regrets. =( Hope things are getting better for you. [hugs]
• Friends make all the difference, just make sure they're true friends before you trust them with your happiness.
• Body hair, wish I could get rid of it too. X3
• I wanna see your feet now. XD
• Tragedies are always bad enough but, I agree, when they involve animals it seems worse. Perhaps it's their shorter lifespans to begin with, or that we can be pretty sure they don't deserve to die early (rarely you find an 'evil' animal).
• What kind of sushi did you end up liking? =3
• I hope we can play a video game together sometime. ^.^
• Yeah, all the things we were told when young to make us 'behave', like religion. Don't want to burn in hell for eternity, do ya?
• Don't cut your nails so short? Unless you're going to fist someone. XD
I've already done it. ^_^
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