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Bandwagon time

Confession 1: Your biggest fear. Being alone. I hate it. If I wake up and i'm the only one in the house, I freak the F*** out until I hear someone's voice, or read a text, or anything to know someone else is still there.

Confession 2: Worst Nightmare. see above

Confession 3: Something you wish you could forget. too many to list

Confession 4: Best dream. being who and what I feel I am inside and having no one doubt my decision

Confession 5: Favorite memory. Hard to say

Confession 6: Worst experience. not sure if it's against InkBunny's TOS, but I had a cookie once. a special cookie. it didn't end well.

Confession 7: Biggest pet peeve. rinse out your damn dishes when you put them in the sink!

Confession 8: Something you're paranoid about. my makeup after I put my face on

Confession 9: What you thought of your current best friend when you met them. she's like me oh thank the gods!

Confession 10: Your strongest principle/belief. To thine own self be true.

Confession 11: What annoys you the most. there are a few things

Confession 12: Something you want to do before you die. jump out of a plane

Confession 13: Biggest regret. I don't have any yet.

Confession 14: Hidden talent. Um....talent? What's that?

Confession 15: Favorite thing about yourself. my eyes!

Confession 16: One thing you would change about yourself if you could. the gender I was born with

Confession 17: Worst habit. well, since I quit smoking....um...

Confession 18: Most important person in your life at the moment. My mate.
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