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The Facebook Generation.

I heard this phrase recently, and I wasn't sure if I should've been pissed off or laughing my ass off.

If you look down at my contacts here on InkBunny, you'll notice I don't have a Twitter or Facebook. This isn't because I'm trying to keep it secret, and some Google-Fu might uncover my top-secret Facebook page; no, I literally don't have a god damn Facebook.

I've heard the term "Facebook Generation" applied mostly to the current generation of youngsters ,but I've also been the recipient of comments like "Oh, but it's you and your generation, always on Facebook and stuff!"

Now, the entire idea of a "Facebook Generation" is embarrassing. Amongst my closest real-life friends, only one of them has a Facebook. Meanwhile my mother has one while I prefer to keep away from that shit. It takes only a few minutes of browsing on Facebook or even pulling your head just a little out from your arse to see that there is no generation that uniquely uses Facebook. Every generation is using it.

And as always, if you discount asshole teachers/parents spying on teenagers' pages and the like, it's usually the adults managing to get in trouble with it.

Now, I admit there could be some useful benefits from social networking. The big problem is, they don't outweigh the negatives. A lot of people have no idea the sort of shenanigans that Facebook gets up to, and even Google pulls out an amazing dick-move now and then. These are companies you're throwing reams and reams of private data at and the assholes do not give a smeg about you.

But as bad as, say, a stranger easily accessing your cell phone number is, nothing compares to writing that one embarrassing update, that one humiliating photo, and then it's not only impossible to delete in any reasonable amount of time but... well, who cares? It's never getting deleted. Twitter "tweets" are recorded by the fucking Library of Congress permanently. There's just no reason to keep a permanent, public record of the shit you do. I might one day open an account, but I don't really see much use for it -- if I want to stay in contact with someone, we'll have each other's god damn phone numbers.

Especially since Facebook tracks the websites you visit, and InkBunny interfaces with it.
Yeah, so imagine your lovely aunt deciding one day to browse your favorites gallery on that cutesy art website you're always on...
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Added: 8 years, 4 months ago
8 years, 4 months ago

Rimmer You are a Smeg head ;3

allso i agree Facebook...meh.
8 years, 4 months ago
I swear, I'm literally in a class of video students where I"m the only one in the class without a facebook; and they actually frown upon me and throw phrases at me like, "That's just too bad" and "Well how are we supposed to contact you?"

I honestly want to know what the hell happened to email, IMs and phones to warrant the sudden limitation in communication from this hipster generation.
8 years, 4 months ago
Wow, it's pretty bad if they think Facebook is the only way they can contact you. I suppose you could remind them that, you know, email exists. Most of the younger people I know (and I ain't exactly ancient myself) still use email, IMs and so on.

Truth be told, if someone wants to contact you via Facebook, it's probably not worth it. Facebook is fine for tiny posts and asinine announcements but if someone has anything worthwhile to say to you they'd use email, or call you. I never saw the appeal in having to wade through 200 unnecessary little bite-sized messages that manage to say absolutely bugger all. If you have something worthwhile to say, email me.

Of course, I suppose I'm being a hypocrite. I trade the occasional short message here on InkBunny with people. But usually not about how awesome my hotdog was, or how hot Justin Bieber was at the concert last night. (Figuratively speaking, btw.)
8 years, 4 months ago
The only reason I have a Facebook account is because I enjoy the games like FarmVille and CafeWorld.

It also got me into contact with old friends from my high school days that I had lost after a decade and moving across country.
8 years, 4 months ago
The usual reaction I get is bewilderment regarding the fact that, no, I do NOT have a Facebook. Around here, it's like not owning a cellphone right now. x^x Since the day I heard of it, I've sworn never to join the bloody thing. Not much explanation needed, I guess.
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