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Will Manson extensive profile

Questionaire borrowed from https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ziggie13

Full Name: William Richard Manson.
Current Age: 22.
Gender: Cunt-boy.
Blood Type: 0- (universal donor).
Astrological Sign: Scorpio.
Chinese Zodiac: Horse.
Nationality: American.
Ethnicity: Irish.
Race/Species: Cat.
Criminal Record: Nothing so far.
Birth Date: November 15th, 1990.
Birth Place: Boston, MA.
Current Residence: New York City, NY.
Occupation: Unemployed (but holds an M.D., specialized in gynecology)
Hobbies: Hanging out in bars, chatting, meeting new people, having sex, watching movies, listening to music, occassionally seducing strangers...
Talents: Observing, parkour, seduction.

Height: 1.72m (5ft 8in approx.)
Weight: 70kg (154lb 5oz approx.)
Posture: Straight.
Build: Slim.
Hair: Red.
Eyes: Blue.
Glasses/Contacts: No.
Ambidextrous,Left, or Right Handed: Ambidextrous (born left-handed, forced to use right hand).
Style: Casual.

Balanced/Clumsy: Balanced.
Mannerisms: No remarkable ones.
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: Symmetry (not obsessively)
Do They Curse, if so to what extent: When it's appropiate (when mad or nervous).
Describe their voice: Soft and beautiful; in singing terms, tenor (for you to compare, it's quite similar to Casey Abrams's speaking voice).
Sleep Patterns: Varies.
Eating Patterns: He doesn't eat much, he likes to keep it healthy and balanced.

Intelligence Level: 139 IQ.
Known Languages: English, and a few words in French, Spanish and German.
Secret Desires: Not very secret, but... To find "the one" (love).
How Self Confident Are they: Enough to keep it real.
Most Proud Of: Overcoming his limitations.
Dominant or Submissive: Switch.
Level Of Patience: ...let's just say, don't call him "freak" when you find out he has a vagina. Other than that, quite high.
Ruled by emotion or logic: Mostly logic. Mostly.
Most at ease when: Among friends.
Ill at ease when: The general mood isn't good.
Mental/Social Strengths: Empathy, positive attitude, charming personality.
Mental/Social Flaws: A little low self-esteem.
If they could be described with one of the seven sins: Lust, if any.
Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): Childhood trauma, being called a "freak" because of his vagina.
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist.
Greatest Fear: Being rejected or alone.
Other fears/phobias: Rape, death, the occult, relapsing in the drug addiction he had in his teens...
Musical talents: None, but he likes to sing anyway (and he's not that bad).

Color: Red. Dislikes pink.
Clothing: T-shirt, jeans, panties (for comfort, not sexual kink) and sneakers. Dislikes suits.
Place: Bars or his apartment. Dislikes crowded places.
Room in house: Anyone. Dislikes none.
Food/Drink: Pizza and Coke. Dislikes salad (he eats it anyway for health reasons) and Pepsi.
Music genre: Rock and metal. Dislikes pop and electro.
Song and Singer/band: "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, and Metallica. Dislikes Avril Lavigne.
Movie/Tv show: "Firefly" and "Futurama". Dislikes "Jersey Shore".
Book: "Interview with the vampire". Dislikes "Twilight".
Subject in school: Science. Disliked Math.
Mode of Transportation: Motorbike, or walking. Dislikes public transportation (in NYC at least).
Most prized Possession: A Harley-Davidson.

What do they consider taboo (something they'd personally never do): Extreme sex (pain mostly), harming loved ones, betrayal, drugs (he did drugs in his teens, but he's clean now)...
Emotional Self-control: There's a limit he can endure. You wanna reach that limit with one single hit, call him a "freak" for being a cuntboy, and he'll lose it.
Spontanous or structured: Mostly structured, but enjoys being spontaneous sometimes.
Instinctual or logical: Mostly logical, but when instincts are needed, he's instinctual.
Act around friends: Open, loving, friendly, funny...
Act around family: Closed off, quiet, scared (of his siblings)...

How do they deal with or react to...

Conflict/danger: Tries to keep calm, calm others down and think of a solution.
Rejection: Hurt, confused. Tries to understand.
Fright: Tries to keep calm.
Change: Tries to accept it, unless it's bad, in that case he'll try to undo that change.
Loss: Sad, confused.
Sex/flirting: Receptive (unless not in the mood).
Pain: Tries to keep calm and find a cure.
Guilt: He'll try to fix what he has done bad.
Being Wrong: A little ashamed, but he accepts it.
Being Criticized: As long as it's not about his genitalia, and as long as it's constructive criticism, he'll understand.
Insulted: Depends on the insult, but he'll usually reply with a witty comeback.
Praise: He'll smile and say "Thank you". Sometimes he'll even compliment back.
Being loved: Happy.
Being Hated: Sad, hurt and confused.
Humiliation: Angry and hurt.

How do they express....

Anger: If just a bit angry, frown and utter cursewords. If pissed as hell, he might get violent.
Sadness: If just a bit sad, he'll try to overcome it and have fun. If devastated, cuddle in a corner and cry.
Love: Hugging, cuddling, kissing, caressing, making love (all of those, with his loved one).
Lust: Having wild sex, seducing people.
Stress: Utter cursewords or something alike.

How Do they feel about:

Marriage: "I respect and understand it, but not really for me. I would marry if I found the right person, but it's not on my sight as of now".
Children: "Cute. But again, not really my thing. And again, if I find someone to settle down with, I may consider it".
Family: "As long as my rapist siblings are not around... I love my parents and my twin sister".
Old Age: "I'mma get old sooner or later".
Sex: "Yes please! xD"
Love: "It's a beautiful feeling, if only I could find the right person..."
Friendship: "My friends are my second family, don't mess with them!"
Homosexuality: "I'm bi, so... kinda like it xD"
Money: "As long as I pay my rent and live comfortably, I don't need more".
Religion: "Respect all beliefs even if you don't share them. As long as people respect your beliefs, you must respect theirs".
Racism/races in general: "Racist people are retarded, IMO".
Science/technology: "Science is great, technology has to slow down".
Drugs and alcohol: "That's a slow poison, you ain't gonna see me walk that way. For two years I've been there, in my teens, but now I'm clean" (though he drinks alcohol and occassionally gets drunk).
Killing/murder: "A tragedy".
Unknown: "You'd better not mess with what you don't understand".
Life: "Life is a tough master, life teaches you to swim by throwing you into the water and you have to move your arms for yourself. If you pass that, you learn beautiful lessons".
Death: "It's a part of life, just like the end is part of the movie".

Relationships with Others...

Loves: His twin sister Meg (incestuously, yes).
Lusts: A college partner, Amy.
First Crush: Yet to come.
Best Friends: He doesn't have "best" friends. Just friends.
Mentor: Himself.
Hates: His older brother Bartholomew.
Rivals: Amy, the college partner he lusts.

How they are percieved by....

Strangers: Cute, polite, handsome.
Friends: Funny, lovely, caring.
Lovers: Sexy, somewhat weird, passionate.
Family: Seclusive (parents), fuck-toy (siblings), a good person (twin sister Meg).

Sex/romantic Life.....

What did they do on thier first date: He hadn't had any formal first date yet.
Typical date: (if this counts as so) Meeting at the bar, seducing his partner, going to bed with him. He'll change his "typical date" if he starts to go out formally with someone.
How old were they when they lost thier virginity: 8 (he was raped by his older brother in the shower).
How do they feel after sex: Bad (if rape), in Heaven (if consensual).
Do they have self control(cheat?): If he ever had a formal relationship, he'll NEVER cheat.
Does sex play an important role in relationships? to what extent: Yes, but not crucial.
Turn-ons: Neck bites, ear nibbling, nipples...
Turn-offs: Condoms, vomit, physical pain, rape, humiliation...
Fetishes: Blood play, watersports, pegging.
Top or Bottom: Varies.
Have they impregnanted someone or been impregnanted: No, and he doesn't plan to.
Sexual experience with the same sex: Males, females and shemales, no cuntboys to this date.


Immediate family members/ages: Bartholomew (older brother, 25), Meg (twin shemale sister, 22), Linda (younger sister, 18), Richard (father, 53), Jane (mother, 52).
Ethnicity and/or species of the mother: Cat.
Ethnicity and/or species of the father: Cat.
Birth Order: Second child (he has a twin sister, but he came out first).
Extended Family:
Aunts and Uncles-
Did they know thier birth parents: Yes.
Are parents still alive: Yes.
Was this character raised by someone other than their parents?: No.
How did the parent(s)/caretaker(s) treat him/her growing up?: They treated him well, but they were oblivious to his problems because they worked all day long.
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