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Hey! Hey! Hey! My watchers! =D
... What? It supposed to be "Ho! Ho! Ho!"? O.O ... Well, I don't care! Cause I'm Heartsonfire (and also my female chara, Astra, merged in one person ^^), so, I say "Hey! Hey! Hey!" =P

And well... Long time I didn't post a journal, right? Like my creations, it's pretty rare I post one, here... XD
I have my reasons, I don't think it will improve with the time, unfortunately. I'll try anyway, but I couldn't do it as well as I wish, I'm scared, while I'm watched by so many and adorable watchers! Big licks on the muzzle to everyone! =P

So, for you, my watchers, I'm keen on wishing you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS! =D
And I hope the father Christmas has spoilt you a lot! (More than me, at least... ^^')
But... what will be a christmas without present?
And what would be a journal if you have nothing more to say than an only "thank's"?
So, for this journal, I will talk about something in progress... and also avoid you to ask me all the questions you want (if you have ones, of course ^^)! =D
(I just won't accept to post photos of me or anything which turn around me and I refuse to give my name or any other too personnal information, yet. I'm too shy and still too scary about the idea that some persons from my circle could have a chance to discover my dark secrets... After all, maybe I'm an absolute bondage / self-bondage lover, but I'm not at all an humiliation lover... ><)

So, ask questions if you want! =3
And otherly, about the little "something in progress" I said I'll talk you about, it concerns a "MEME" (I think that's call like this) I'm intend to work on (and I've already begun). This MEME is like a "profile" and more especially a "Kink profile" about ourself. There is no real important interrest, but that's an idea I had just like this. And that's by the way why I also told you that you could ask me anything. All insteresting questions could be in this MEME (and then, of course, those questions can need some speed paintings).
And so, for this christmas, I also have a question for you, my adorable watchers: what is your opinion about this idea of MEME? (And if you don't find it very good, what do you think I don't have to forget to make it interesting?)

And now... well... I think I tell enough things in this journal like this... =3
So, Happy Christmas again to everyone, big licks on the muzzle, and everythings you want! =3
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